Does Estradiol delay ovulation?


I have been having my periods on my own and starting pretty much around the same time each month. This month I started taking Femara and Estradiol and suppose to take Prometrium after ovulation, well I haven’t even ovulated yet. I am on CD26 and my bbt has been low for like 6 or 7 days straight. I usually ovulate on CD16 or around there and nothing as of yet. I had a high on my CBFM on CD10 and ran out of sticks, so I haven’t tested any further since CD14, which I was still on high. I have never taken the Estradiol before and didn’t know if this is causing a delay or what??? I am just so frustrated :grr: , that I haven’t bought anymore sticks or opks to test for ovulation.

Has anyone had anything like this?? or can offer me some advice?? Can I still ovulate late in this cycle??