Does HCG Drops Help in Getting Pregnant?


I was searching for some info on how to get pregnant naturally. Then I stumbled on this site which ran an article stating that women can increase the chance of fertility by consuming on injecting hcg drops. Now, I am really skeptic about this and never heard before. Can someone please advise?


HCG is sometimes used in small doses to act like lh which DOES help the body produce more follicles. But, too much of it will cause your body to prematurely ovulate and you’ll get nothing, but maybe a cyst. But, the biggest caveat is that the vast majority of HCG drops are “homeopathic” which means they actually contain NO HCG. I saw their website, but seriously doubt it’s veracity. You could, of course, test the drops by putting a tiny bit on an HPT. It should turn screamingly positive if it’s 100% HCG.


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sofat i think you are right