Does hcg proplong period?


i did a post trigger 3 days after my iui and im wondering if this would prolong my periuod?


Yes, as long as the hcg hormone is in your body your period won’t show. Its just like when you are on progesterone. It raises your levels so much that it keeps AF away.


thx!thats what i was afraid of! if i took half dose of the mixing kind last sat do you think it could still be in my system?


Like Dec 10th last sat? it might be gone, but it might still be around. no way to really know unless you’ve been testing your trigger out.


I took a half dose trigger (5000IU) last Saturday 12/10, and it’s still in my system. Guess I’m a slow metabolizer.


half dose of the kind you mix? how do you know its still the meds? are you testing everyday?