Does ovary cramping imply ovulation?


I got my ovidrel shot this morning on my 1st clomid cycle. I had a distinct surge with ewcm about 5 hours past the shot. About 13 hours past the shot I felt cramping on my right ovary where the dominant follicle is. Since then all has been quiet with ovaries.

I have an IUI tomorrow - 24 hours after the trigger. Is it too late? Have I ovulated too soon?

How do I figure this out? I am freaked out right now :frowning:
I know Opks are not reliable. Is morning temping the best way to figure out if I have already ovulated?


You can’t trust cramping, temps, opks on triggered medicated cycles. Cramping can happen before and after. But more than likely with a trigger you’ll ovulate around the 36 hour mark. There has been research about it.



It could be that extra shoot of growth that the egg does with a trigger… good luck!


Thanks everyone for your replies. I have been feeling the cramps in both ovaries on and off - more strongly on the left side while it the right ovary that has the dominant follicle. Anyway, now it is clear that one incident of cramping cannot pinpoint to the exact time of ovulation.