Does this sound like endo?


I have just finished having everything tested with a monitored natural cycle (including hsg, saline ultrasound, and endometrial biopsy). Everything (incl DH’s SA) came back normal. We have been ttc#2 for almost 2 years with with bbt and okp’s. Now that we are unexplained, my RE wants to do a lap to check for endo.
For the last 1.5 years I have had spotting before my period. It lasts from 1 day to 5 days. It used to be light and brown, but has gotten much heavier lately. I have a lot of random pain around my right ovary. It hurts most around the time I ovulate and the days before my period. An ultrasound showed tiny calcifications on this ovary. I have always had bad cramps and an upset stomach when I get my period. My cramps are now starting (lightly) several days before my period even starts. When it starts, they are terrible (I wouldn’t survive w/out Advil and a heating pad!) .I spot for several days at the end of my period lately too. I am 29 and have never been on birth control pills. My son is 3.5.
Sorry this is so long, but endo never even crossed my mind until recently. I always though the spotting was a luteal phase defect and the cramps were normal.
My RE gave me the option of a lap, IUI, or IVF. I think I should probably have the lap before any treatment.
Any input is appreciated!


[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]Please get the lap done.

Dr. Goral


Thank you. I had the lap yesterday and my Dr. found stage 3 endo.


Wow. I’m glad you got it taken care of. good luck.


[QUOTE=LisaRH]Thank you. I had the lap yesterday and my Dr. found stage 3 endo.[/QUOTE]

Ugh, not a great diagnosis but at least you got some answers. Best of luck to you!


Hey Girls I am new here and am talking to a Gyno about possible Lap for Endo and was just wondering what all your symptoms were. What are the stages of Endo? They sound like Cancer… :frowning: Anyways, I just recently became aware that my Mom and Grandmother had it and also my Aunt on my Dad’s side of the family. Here is my story (try to be quick) I didn’t get a period until I was about 17 when I went to the gyno for the first time due to not having a period. She put me on BCP and from there I didn’t really worry about it. My periods came normally as long as I was on the pill but they were painful from the start but because I didn’t know any different I didn’t say anything. Fast forward to a couple of months before I am about to get married and my husband and I decide to start trying for a baby. I stop taking the BCP and for 6 months I go without a period. Went in to my Gyno (different from the one I saw at 17) and he does a blood test and tells me I have PCOS. So, he tries BBT then Clomid and sends me to an RE. RE does NO testing! Goes off what the Gyno said was my dx and does clomid then injections… No pregnancy… Then we move to NC and I see a new RE. He does NO testing… goes off the base PCOS dx and starts injection cycles. We did 2 cycles and the meds were making my hair fall out, making me have diarrhea so bad my butt was bleeding (thank you metformin, and yes I tried the regular and XR) so we discontinued any more treatment and decided to take a break. I start back up BCP and then the painful intercourse also starts. So there is 3 symptoms already (Pain during intercourse, infertility, and painful periods) not to mention my periods last FOREVER and are heavy. I am talking a super tampon every 2-3 hours on my heavy days which are most. What do you girls think? I have had a zillion vag u/s and just had another one with the new gyno I am seeing and I have to go back to her on Tuesday to see what she wants to do. What do you girls think?


Stassi - I’m no doctor but it sounds to me like you have severe endometriosis. My main symptoms were painful intercourse which started a little over a year prior to my dx. I went to 3 different doctors who ignored my complaints and said everything was perfectly fine with me, till I went to another gyno that looked at me for two seconds and spent most of her time listening to my symptoms. She said “I’m 99% sure you have endo”, and sure enough I did.
So my suggestion to you is to go to an endometriosis specialists. The credentials is FACOG. The only way to really diagnose it is through laparoscopy surgery. You need to have it done. And soon, the longer you wait the lower the chances of you being able to get pregnant.
I really hope you get some answers soon, and eventually I hope you’ll get the baby you so desperately want. Good luck.


Well, I went back to my gyno on tuesday and she is highly recommending Laproscopic Surgery and a Hysteroscopy (where the look at your female parts on the inside with a camera, kinda like a colonoscopy but for your uterus) So, we will be doing that a week from today. I am nervous but at the same time excited. I am excited because maybe this is what we needed all along to help us get pregnant. Also, I really hope this helps my pain cause I am not sure how much more I can take! :frowning:


All I can say. I didn’t have no signs of endo an when I had my Lap, HSGSCOPY and HSG my RE found stage 1 endo an I had it for years he said but I didn’t have no signs of it. If it hadn’t been for us trying too have a sec child I wouldn’t never known I had it. My DH did have sperm issues but after he got that straighten up I told my RE I wanted a Lap done to make sure nothing wrong with me.

Had my lap,hsg,an hsgscopy done in June 10, tried TI with meds July which was a BFN so had a IUI with meds done Aug an got a BFP…

Good Luck…


Fooled by endo

Attributed my extra week each month of cramps and spotting to endometriosis - had surgery to remove nodule, cramps still there, 2 docs say microscopic endo probably still causing them. BUT the spotting was due to low progesterone - be certain to have your progesterone tested too! (not just blood test, not just once, get yourself some vaginal supplements, not just oral).