Does your re tell you all the info about sperm,


so does your re tell you all the info about sperm, etc? ive never gotten an ounce of info other than “its all great!” how do you all know motility, etc?


I had to ask them specifically for the info and made them give me a copy of the lab report when they processed the sperm. Told them it was for my records… :wink:

If you ask specifically for it, I would hope they would give it to you since it is part of YOUR medical records.


Sperm Counts

I live in Canada… and up here they make me sign a document which has all the information about the sperm just before they inject it (IUI)…

It is basicially to make sure right sperm is injected…


I’m not in Canada, but my clinic also has me sign off on all the sperm info to make sure it’s the right sample. Usually they tell me the counts, but if they don’t, it’s there for me to read. Sometimes it’s hard to read so I just ask…like others said, it’s your medical record so if they don’t tell you, ask.


My first re never told me anything about our sperm counts. I just thought it was normal until we tried for number two and my current re has me sign a print out with all the information about our sperm counts on it. I guess some re’s are really open about information and others are not.


My sperm bank gives me what are basically like baseball cards for the sperm with all the statistics on it. I always call DH after I pick up the donor sperm and say “Oh my god, GUESS what his numbers are!!!”

Who says we can’t have a little fun?


I ask. It is our right to know the results. I wouldn’t settle for it’s great. I need to know numbers.


Right before an IUI , they have me sign a little card to make sure it is the correct vial donor # and the motility before and after they have washed it. That’s how I know what the numbers are.