Donor agency in the Pacific NW


My husband and I are trying to decide where to do our next IVF cycle using donor egg. This will be our 1st cycle using donor egg and need help trying to figure out where to go. Our previous ivf cycles were at SRM. I’m considering going there but their website says they only provide childhood pictures, my husband would really prefer to see adult pictures. Is that typical of most donor programs? We went to another IVF clinc in Bellevue, they had adult pics of donors but not too many to choose from.

We are willing to go to the Seattle or Portland areas for ivf but would like to hear any experiences you have had in picking your egg donor, donor clinic or donor bank.

Thank you!


I went with OHSU Fertility Consultants in Portland. We used a clinic donor. We were not able to see any pictures, but we had a surprising amount of women to choose from. My criteria was good health, no addiction/mental illness in family, tall, dark hair, preferably part hispanic, and preferably college educated. My donor had every trait I desired, except was 5’6". (Our family is very tall, didn’t want my twins to stick out like a sore thumb) I was very pleased with my experience there. Everyone was kind, professional, and organized. They have very good stats, especially when you consider they do not “cherry pick”. They take on difficult cases.

If you have any other questions, please let me know. I recommend them highly.


You could use OHSU and a donor agency if pictures are important to you and your DH. I think there are a few agencies in Portland you could use for OHSU. Good luck in your journey!


Thanks for the info!

Has anyone used the Donor Source or NW Fertility? If so, how was your experience?