Donor egg collection


hello, I have been for a long time with my thoughts!!
Tomorrow is my donor egg collection. I don’t know what to expect from it, how to act and react on number I will hear tomorrow. My clinic has insured me there are no worries at all but I really scared. I’m afraid of failure, they told me we have to wait 5 days more after egg collection for an embryo transfer and then 2 weeks more. I can’t stand waiting; I can’t stand everything all around me. It’s so long and stressful. I hate being standby!!!
I need your support!!! Ladies, help me please, I’m going crazy with tomorrow news!!!


That’s ok to be scared dear… but still you don’t have to be. Just try to stay calm… I know that’s easily said… but anyway look for something that would relax you. I myself haven’t ventured in the process yet… Just evaluating all pros and cons of different clinics… as I’ll have to go into de ivf either… and I’d like to do that in the nearest future… As far as I understand it egg transfer is not painful at all :slight_smile: Btw you must have already had the egg collection… How was it? Is everything ok? xx


it wasn’t my egg collection, actually yes and no. It’s my donor egg collection. probably you don’t know my story unfortunately we have opted for the surrogacy because of my health issues. I’m forbidden to be under stimulation and I can’t carry a baby. I have never thought I would be in such situation. at first I didn’t know what to do… we always wanted to be a completed family but we couldn’t thanks my clinic we got this chance. I’m so happy we could succeed from the first try. i know it was a little miracle.
yes, as I was told, my donor was great, the embryo transfer was successful and we got a positive result. Now we are praying for a healthy baby


Hi, my congrats to your egg collection. I hope you are ok now and you have already got your baby. By the way, where have you been for there? I mean what country you have opt for? I’m curious because one lady told me that only ukraine and the states are open for international surrogacy, is it true?


hello, sorry for being late to your reply. Hope you are doing well there days? Thanks for asking me this question. Yes, we ukraine is open for doing surrogacy there. It one of the countries with friendly legislation, according to it, the surrogate has no rights to keep the baby for herself. We have decided to go there because that country seemed to us really nice. As for prices, we didn’t pay a large sum of money, and we have signed the contract with unlimited number of attempts. So, in any case they guarantee you will go home with your baby, is it not wonderful? and what about you? what is your story?


Be calm. You just need to be patient. You are going to get the news tomorrow. It is not that long after all. Just a day wait. Then what will you do when you reach the TWW. What I always think is the best in such periods is to remove your mind from the news. Go outside and spend sometimes with friends. That way you will even forget for a moment that you have this big news tomorrow. Go for a hobby. Anything that you like to do. Do you swim or dance? That will help get your mind calm. Being that anxious is not that good at times. You should also be ready for any results. Do not be that optimistic. Hope for the best but expect the worse. That way you will prevent any future disappointments. I do wish you the best dear.


Hi! I would really love to read updates, ladies. How the treatments are going for you currently?
I’d gone through four 2wws. All they were a huge rollercoaster for both of us. Each time new symptoms adding. That did drive me crazy. I was 40 yo. PCOS sufferer with blocked fallopian tubes and aged eggs. Though we gave 2 tries ivf using own eggs, we got nothing but tough bfns. We understood we had to look onto egg donation track. Signed 5 shots de ivf package as it guaranteed money refund in case of failure. Thankfully, our struggle ended after shot#2. We got a fat positive on day 12 after ET.
Hope to hear good news from you soon!
Best of luck! :kissing_smiling_eyes:


My Bio tex clinic used to advise 1 litre of milk a day too. But they now say part of your daily diet in drinks, cereals etc. Avoid snacking inbetween main meals as it’s got something to do with your body trying to break the snacking down when it should be concentrating on growing your follicles. They said if you need to snack then seeds or nuts are ok. I haven’t drunk milk on its own for years. So I had some milkshakes, yoghurts and cheese on most days. Mainly stuck to fish, meat, veg and fruit. But did have some carbs as you still have to be happy in yourself whilst you are going through the treatment! I also got some Danio yoghurts and Upbeat drinks as they are high in protein. After transfer I took time off work. Kept my diet food and drinks similar to what I had been doing but had some “naughty” foods too!! No hot water bottles. No hot baths. No over exercising. Are you having any acupuncture?


Yep, those tips would be great for ladybird’s donor. I guess she might have had some great news for now…Would love to read.
When I was undergoing ivf with OE dr also suggested us no flying right after ER & ET. Peaceful rest. Adequate exercising. Healthy well-balanced eating. Waiting for updates x