Donor Eggs for less money


Hi All,
After several miscarriages, my doctor advised me that I had less than 10% chance of having my own healthy eggs get fertilized and advised that I obtain donor eggs for my next IVF cycle. I have purchased 6 frozen eggs from the World Egg Bank from a great donor. Then, to my surprise, got pregnant on my own and no longer need them. Anyone have any suggestions on what to do with them? I’ve contacted the World Egg Bank and they will not buy them back. I don’t want them to go to waste as I’m sure that someone can use them and save a lot of money because I wouldn’t expect to get all of my money back.


I’m not sure you will be able to do anything because of the strict contracts. I had to get donor eggs as well and did a shared donor program. You’d have to carefully read your contract or highly suggest an attorney read it. (I’m a paralegal so I’m familiar with contracts). I hope your able to find some resolution and congrats!!?