Donor eggs VS your own Eggs


I am interest to hear stories of other women who have used DE.

What are the numbers of eggs you got from your donor?

How many progressed? and were viable?

This is our first time with all of this experience and we don’t know anyone else who has ever gone through it. We know how we are doing but i am wondering how it is in comparision to others who have been in the same situtation.


You might want to scroll through this thread and look at the signatures.

We had 24 eggs retrieved. 14 of them made embryos at day 3 and we transferred 3. We froze 10 embryos at day 3 and discarded one that arrested early.

4 months later, we thawed all 10 (7 were donor sperm/donor egg and 3 were DH sperm/donor egg). Only 1 of DH’s made it to blast. 6 of the donor sperm embryos made it to blast. We transferred 3 and re-froze the other 4 donor egg/donor sperm blasts.

Hope this helps!



Our donor is anonymous but from what we do know we estimate she is about 21/22 years old. Dh and I just assumed it would work. Then I see the struggles of so many and it scares me!!



We did DE in August and are currently 28 weeks along! Our donor is 26 yo with a son of her own.She had 3 successful cycles previously so definitely proven. She produced 13 eggs , then 12 matured, 11 fertilized. We put in 2 embies and one took! 6 made it to freeze.