Donor embryo/ Embryo Adoption Success Stories?


Can anyone share their success story for Donor Embryos/ Adopted embryos?


  • What previous methods did you try when TTC? (IUI, IVF, etc…)
  • How many cycles it took?
  • An information on your embryos you would like to share or anything else!

Thanks! Just about to start, and I know other boards like the FET or IVF board have something similar, and I thought this might be nice here too. :flower:


I went through two medicated IUI cycles and two IVF cycles, all of which failed (I had one chemical pregnancy in the lot.) I was then given the chance to use donor embryos that seemed perfect for me. They came from a couple that used an egg donor that had my same ethnicity and coloring.

There were two “batches” of donor embryos. The first cycle failed, and I was more depressed that words can convey. I thought I was doomed to failure, but my RE talked me into one more try. It was the one that worked, and I have the loveliest boy on the planet (who is crawling onto the chair as I type this because he wants me to put on the computer!)



I am on the road to becoming a success story!

Starting in January of 2007 - I tried many cycles of clomid - one m/c resulted. Then moved to IVF. Two tries failed. We were not going to try anything else…then decided that donor embryo was for us.

We had only 3 embies on ice. We thawed one, transferred one - bfn.

We thawed the other two, only one survived, and we transferred that one - bfp!!

I’m almost through with my first trimester. Hoping to see the little blob tomorrow at the OB!!

I admit that I am always worried that I will get bad news at my next appointment…scars from IF!!


Lots of success stories

There is a list of testimonials about successful embryo adoptions at this website Personal Family Stories & Frozen Embryo Transfer Success Stories. Hope this helps :slight_smile:


I had my donor embryo little boy in March! He is great and I wouldn’t want it any other way. We did four fresh transfers before moving to donor embryos. A couple donated 8 embryos to us. The first time we transfered two and had a miscarriage, the next time we transfered two again and had our little boy! We have four left and hope to try again next summer. Good luck with everything!


There’s a couple blogs of success stories:

NEDC blog has several parents:

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3 babes 2 jens 1 cause: embryo adoption:

3, 2, 1!! 3 Babes, 2 Jens, 1 Cause- Embryo Adoption


I’m 30 weeks with a donor embryo pregnancy. I had tried clomid x2 months with nothing. Then tried stimulated IUI x4 with 4 chemical pregnancies. Both my husband and I test fine and the RE said she has found nothing to explain it. They suggested IVF but stated it could be egg quality which they wouldn’t know for sure until they could see them in the lab. Since it would require a major financial crisis for us and putting all of our egg in one basket (no pun intended :wink: we decided to try an embryo donor cycle first to make sure I could even carry a pregnancy. And what do you know it worked. I think this was meant to be there were a lot of wierd things that came up that make me feel I was meant to have her first. Now I know I can get and stay preggo with a good quality embryo we will try IVF in a few years when we can save up. We also have 6 more embryos left so we can try for a genetic sibbling for her. The whole process was pretty fast and there wasn’t a waiting list. The embryos we have are from a egg donor so good quality and had excellent medical histories. We even have a couple baby photos of the egg donor. We are very open to everyone about what we are doing and as a result a coworker of my husbands is considering trying a donor embro cycle. A lot of people just don’t even know it exists. One word of caution to prepare your self for people ignorant comments. People don’t really understand infertility let alone this process. I know many friends/family mean well and are just curious but comments like “So, when will you have your own baby?” are a little hurtful.

So, good luck and keep posting your progress!! Hopefully the wait list will go quickly and you’ll be preggo and posting your success story to others soon.


Embryo Donation success story

My husband and I were both 27 years old when we started the fertility process and I was 30 years old when the donor embryos were transferred.
We did 3 IUI cycles with Clomid with no success. We attempted 2 injection cycles with IUI before moving to IVF. My first IVF attempt was converted to an IUI due to low response to the meds. I was finally able to do an IVF cycle and none of my embryos survived.
We had decided to move to domestic adoption and were playing the waiting game when my husband came across embryo donation. We contacted a local fertility center and started the process. We chose a profile that had similar characteristics to us and 8 embryos. It was an anonymous donation.
We transferred 2 of the embryos in May of 2009 and I delivered boy/girl twins on January 8, 2010. It has been the most amazing year of our lives and makes the past 5 years all worth it. These babies were meant to be ours and I cannot imagine our lives without them. They make us smile everyday. We are getting ready to celebrate our first Christmas with our babies and I do not know where the last year has gone.
Good luck to you all!!


Thanks for the great stories everyone, you keep me going as I wait for my embies! :grouphug:


My husband and I have been struggling with infertility since 2006, with several failed attempts at IUI. Last summer, we discovered the possibility of embryo adoption. Immediately, we both knew this was the path we were meant to follow. We found a clinic in our area that offered this, and soon began the process. We have just recently been matched with donors that met our specifications. We are scheduled to have our first embryos transferred on 2/10/11 and are very excited!! I hope to be able to post a “success story” soon!