Donor requirements


Hi, all! Those ladies dealing with IVF with donor egg will definitely share their experience with this troubling moment. For this procedure we want our donors to be just perfect. That’s why a thorough evaluation of a potential egg donor is very important, no matter the donor is known to the recipient or is anonymous. It should serve to protect all parties involved (the donor, the recipient and the resulting offspring). In our Biotexcom clinic where we’re currently passing DE IVF the donor requirements are the following. The donor should generally be younger than 35 years old. She must be with laboratory evidence of normal ovarian reserve and no indication of impaired fertility. She must undergo testing for communicable infectious diseases (hepatitis, HIV, syphilis) and genetic screening both via a detailed family history and specific blood tests which are determined by her ethnic/racial background (e.g. for cystic fibrosis, sickle cell disease). A formal psychological evaluation is also performed.
The next thing is how we choose the woman who’s going to help us. For us it was also important for our donor to have dark eyes and hair. (As I want my baby to resemble my appearance.) Also we wanted her to be the one with the college degree, having at least two own healthy children. Of course – average weight and height. This was so nice our choice and our doc’s suggestion fully coincided!
What are donor requirements in your clinics, ladies? Are you satisfied with their choice? And those already having their DE babies, do they look like you?