donor sperm motility question


Hey all,
Just had my first ever iui done this am. I did have a peak on clear blue easy do I guess the ovidrel trigger shot worked after 12 he’s but anywhoo they said sperm was excellent this morning but I’m confused. It was 100 million with 30% motility. My concern is isn’t that kind of low? I go for another iui tomorrow so just curious what numbers are considered good.

Thank you


Hmmm the motility does seem a bit low… it should be like 75%. Although the number sounds great. All you need is one! Thats like 30 million and all they need is 5 million, so it sounds good to me.


Is that prewash? Like said above, 10 MIL mobile is idwal, 5 MIL okay, so at 30 MIL mobile you should be fine.


I have no idea. They came in the room and had me sign papers before the procedure so I’m assuming post wash?


@toyisttc LOTS OF LUCK AND BABY DUST:cheer:


Thanks ladies I was so confused and thinking waiting I am paying 140 a vial for this shouldn’t it be a higher motility but I guess it evens out because of his count. I can’t wait for the tomorrow to be over. I HATE SPECULUMS. The procedure itself I didn’t feel anything but speculums and I do not get along.


I am also confused on this… my donor counts (in my sig) seemed low, and with 49% motility it pretty much cuts them in half… so 20mil with good forward motion doesn’t seem great. Of course, it is 20mil better than my DH…



This is what I found on Wikipedia: A man can have a total number of sperm far over the limit of 20 million sperm cells per milliliter, but still have bad quality because too few of them are motile. However, if the sperm count is very high, then a low motility (for example, less than 60%) might not matter, because the fraction might still be more than 8 million per millilitre. The other way around, a man can have a sperm count far less than 20 million sperm cells per millilitre and still have good motility, if more than 60% of those observed sperm cells show good forward movement.


that is only a little confusing, but I think the jist is that my numbers (and yours!) look good.



I asked the doctor today about motility. She said they like to see 40% but with the high count it makes up for it.


thanks for the update on this :slight_smile: hopefully you and I get our BFP this cycle :cross:


30% is kind of low. You may want to ask for a refund form the sperm bank or change donors. Most RE’s want at least 45% or higher. I used donor sperm as well and got pregnant with 45% motility for the vial I bought (check out my siggy).


It is lower than they would like to see but the RE reports that the higher count made up for the lower motility and all my research has shown the same thing.