Donor's blood type


Hi all,
I was wondering if anyone heard opinions about blood types of donors and the mothers. Are they supposed to be the same? My clinic hasn’t said anything about it.

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It’s not a big deal.

No, I don’t think so, that health-wise it doesn’t matter if you’re the same or not. But, in some cases, when one person is -ve and the other +ve, you do need some sort of shot while you’re pregnant.


You only need to take it into consideration if you, the mother, are Rh negative. If you are then you would either want to choose a donor with a Rh negative blood type or else get a shot of Rhogam around 28 weeks of pregnancy


Please keep in mind that if your husband (or the donor if you’re using donor sperm as well) is Rh + and you’re Rh - you will still need the Rhogam shots even if you choose an Rh - donor.

ETA: I thought you were talking about egg donor. I saw in your sig you might be referring to sperm. If you’re Rh + it doesn’t matter, if you’re Rh - you might want to think about a - donor. The shots kinda suck and you will need one around 26 weeks, after delivery and any time you have any bleeding during pregnancy. It’s not a big deal but something to think about. I’m - and my husband is + so I had the shots (they’ll type your baby after birth and if it’s Rh - you won’t need the last shot), luckily my twins both ended up with Rh + blood so at least my daughter won’t need to worry about that if/when she has kids.


The Rh shot isn’t all that bad. My hubby is Rh - and I am Rh -, but because my child was made in a petri dish in a lab we choose to get the Rh shots because what if someone made a mistake. Later after she was born we did find out in fact that she was the product of my hubby’s (by family traits that were passed on to her) but it still gave me peace of mind since I wanted more children. Our Donor Sperm is Rh+ so I will be getting the shots again this time around. Really after all the shots we take for IVF’s the RH shot is no biggy at all!