DOOPED BY MY EMPLOYER, Main Line Health!!!


Hello Everyone, I am new to the site and excited to finally have someone to talk to. The last week has been sort of a horror story for my husband and I. I am 26yo and have been diagnosed with tubal factor infertility for 10 years. The whole world seem to come crashing down on us last week at our initial consultation with my RE. He explained
that my employer was dropping coverage for IVF as of 1/01/11! He also stated that for this reason his office would be staying open during the holiday season to rush all the employers patients through. May I add that this office is apart of the health system I work for! I immediatley started to cry, I mean, I have only been waiting for this opportunity for 6 years! He took a look at my previous medical records and spoke to us about the plan. He stated the good news was that he can get me through one cycle by the end of the year. My husband and I were in a complete panic, mainly because we were not married yet. Our plans were to wed in late Februaury and start the process in March. Suddenly we were told that the only opportunity we would have to become parents would be taken away from us in one month. We had to move and fast! We decided to skip the traditional wedding and head straight to the courthouse. We were married 5 days after my initial consultation. IVF orientation was 9 days after the initial consultation. Imagine the stress and panic that we were going through, getting married ASAP and rushing through a cycle! Another bomb shell was dropped on us the dayof orientation, I was told that the lab would be closed to egg retrievals after Dec 16th!!! Basically, If I do not get my period by Dec 6th the sycle would be cancelled, regardless of my employer dropping coverage. My heart dropped and panic mode set in. This meant that not only did I have my emnployer and time working against me, I also had my period working against me!! My RE reassured me that he was confident that I would mesntruate by Monday and not to worry. How can you tell someone not to worry when they have just gone through hell in almost one week and there only chance at parenthood depends on my period!!! Here we are on Saturday and I can hear the clock ticking in the back of my mind! I want to remain optomistic but I feel that things are not going to work out in the end. I am very upset with my employer, I have written letters to them reagrding the dropped infertility coverage and how they are hurting their employees. I mean our slogan is “Well Ahead” for goodness sake!!! I fell that they are “Well Ahead” for the patients but do not have the same in mind for their employees. I have started to search for employent elsewhere in order to persue our dreams of becoming a parent. I also have an initial consultation with RSI of Suburban Philadelphia on Monday, just in case mother nature does indeed work against me. RSI will not be closing for the holidays and have assured me that if egg retrieval falls on Christmas day, then an egg retrieval I will get! At least there is some light at the end of our tunnel. I am just so infuriated with my employer! Not to mention that all of this stress is not good for someone starting IVF. Has this happened to anyone out there? Does anyone work for the same health system? I apologize for such a long post but I feel alone despite having my wonderful husband by my side :cross:


I’m not exactly in the same situation as you but I can imagine how stressed out you must feel. I got pregnant on the IVF cycle I did in August and am currently 16 weeks along. However, the only reason we were able to do the IVF was b/c my dh started a job that had IVF coverage. His company is based in NJ so they are subject to the IF mandate in that state. Well, last month the company decided to “self insure” themselves and that goes into effect 1/1. I am sure that this move will scrap the IF coverage. It sucks. I was so relieved to have coverage and have one less thing to worry about. Now, I am just hoping that this bean stays healthy and remains in my belly til May b/c this is probably my only chance to have a baby.

I am so sorry you have to deal with this. Could you ask your employer if you could maybe pay a little extra in order to keep the IF coverage? Hopefully they can make an exception given your circumstances. Good luck with your upcoming cycle and this insurance crap!