DOR ladies, suggest a good doctor in Boston


Hello ladies,

I am in a search for the best doctors possible in the Boston area. I have DOR and Tubal Factor (right tube was removed).
I did 2 IVFs at RSC in Lexington, but not happy with the outcome and was suggested to go straight to DE.
Did some research and I found out that Mass General Hospital Fertility Clinic, Brigham and IVF Boston have good statistics.
But I prefer before I move to any other clinics, to ask around and hear from you, ladies. Really hoping for a child with my own eggs.

Thank you in advance and baby dust to all :slight_smile:


If you are willing to travel a little bit I was VERY happy with Baystate in Springfield, MA. I used RSC for IVF’s 2 through 4 and FET. I was not happy with them at all either. I did do a consult with Boston IVF, and the doctor I saw there (don’t ask the name because I forget) gave a game plan for us very similar to what Baystate gave us. I have been extremely satisfied with Dr. Lynch at Baystate and I’m glad I don’t travel 3 hours for treatments anymore. I wish you the best of luck!


Hello holdingmybreath, Thank you so much for your input. I knew something was fishy with RSC and decided to go for additional opinions. Unfortunately Springfield will be way too far for me, but I am willing to try Boston IVF now that you have confirmed my expectations. Thank you so much for your help and all the best!


I will also say I have had negative experiences with RSC. I wouldn’t say it was fishy, but I just did not feel right about the whole process.
A feeling that they were somehow messing it up somewhere.
I went with Brigham Womans Hospital and things have been looking great. Couldn’t be happier on making the switch.


After 8 Failed transfers, i switched to Fertility Solutions: Dr. Ana Kowalik; I was at Women & Infants in RI; and after meeting Dr. Kowalik i realized that W&I treated me like a #; Dr. Kowalik is very involved she make all the phone calls, was present every step of the way; and now i’m pregnant for the 1st time; i’m due 5/2015