Dosage/Cost questions


I had a reevaluation appointment yesterday with our RE after 7 failed rounds of Clomid, 3 with IUI. I O just fine naturally, just late and I have endometriosis. So they took some blood to double check my prolactin and thyroid levels (symptoms of hypo and it’s common with endo). Still haven’t heard back on the results, but my RE decided to let me try 3 rounds of Femara with timed intercourse alone before we add in injectables. We can’t start any medicated cycles again until February because it’s too late this month and DH will be out of town during O next month.

Anyway, I was prescribed 5 mg. Is that high for someone who naturally ovulates? All of the women I know who had O issues only tried 2.5 mg. My RE warned me I should only expect to get 1 follicle each cycle, does the dose generally correlate to the number of follicles? It’s also not covered at all by insurance (double checked) and I’ve heard it can get pricey. I even emailed the company who makes Femara to see if they were offering discounts to help make it more affordable and they said no. Which pharmacy did you use and how much did you pay? I don’t want to be shocked when I have to fork out tons of money!


Hey there! I, too, tried several rounds of clomid which failed due to not responding. I have PCOS which is different then your medical situation, but I will say that I started on 2.5 but had injections along with it. I was then bumped to 5mg with injections, but always had a problem with overstimming. I can’t say if if was the Femara or the injections though. This past cycle I was bumped back down to the 2.5 and had a much better cycle. I believe that my troubles with the higher dose were linked to have PCO though. I never had more than three follicles while taking Femara, but again, that is because everyone responds differently.

My insurance views Femara as a non fertility drug, and it is dispensed as the generic Letrozole. As a result, my copay was very minimal. Call around to different pharmacies and ask about the generic cost. I’m sorry I don’t have an actual amount for you, I never really paid attention to that one since it was the only one my insurance actually covers.

Your doctor is choosing your dosage based on your previous history and will be monitoring you, but if you are uncomfortable with starting at 5mg, talk to you doctor about it. It is important for you to feel comfortable too!

Good luck! :flower:


Clomid doesn’t work for me. Also makes me psycho crazy. Plus, a few different drs I have spoken to say clomid is old school and that drs shouldn’t be using it. But to each his or her own.

I’m on femara aka letrozole. Letrozole is used for breast cancer and should be covered. I get mine at cvs here in Atlanta for $13. I just re-read your quote and see your insurance says it isn’t covered. I guess double check to see if they cover ‘letrozole’.

I do 5mg. I ovulate normally, too. The 5 mg along with follistim generally produce 2 or 3 large follicles. That’s after 3 IUIs. I’m actually planning on calling my regular OBGYN to get some letrozole next month because my RE refuses to dispense without two different $550 ultrasounds (baseline and checkup.) Don’t know why they can’t just give me some dang pills!)

Good Luck!