Dosage of follistim whats the norm?


whats the norm?


It depends, everyone is different. I have taken anywhere from 50IU up to 100IU. I’ve seen some women go higher. It all depends on how you respond to the meds. IF you ovulate regularly already you’ll need a low dose.


I took 75…the first month I was on injectables we did TI and I only took 75 for 5 days and got 2 follies on each side…the next month we switched to IUI and I had to take 75 for 11 days, they were growing really slow, but in the end I had 3 on my right side (no tube so it doesn’t matter) and one good sized 18mm one on my left so we did the IUI…still don’t know the results yet on 2WW

If this one doesn’t work I may ask the RE to up my dosage since I have one side that doesn’t matter anyways…


I used a bit stronger dose because of my low AMH and high FSH. Plus, I’m older, so they are okay with more follies b/c there is a higher chance of the eggs not being viable.

First IUI was at 100 IU follistim plus 100 mg of clomid. Second IUI (where we got our BFP) was 150 IU follistim and 100 mg clomid. We got 3 good follies each time. See my signature for the days we did the follistim and clomid. It was the same both cycles.


[SIZE=3]Really depends. I did mostly 75. However, my last cycle, my body was not reacting well, so RE increased it to 100, then reduced to 50 the last few days. I guess that’s the result of my twins :slight_smile: