Double Donation


I live in the UK and am currently undergoing IVF treatment using my own eggs with donor sperm. We are open to the idea of moving onto donor eggs when that time comes. So I was wondering do any clinics in the US offer open id egg donors. So the donor would be anonymous to us and the donor wouldn’t know us but any child that may result can look up their donor when they turn 18. I know the US uses open id sperm donors but not sure if the same applies to egg donors.

If there’s anyone who’s done or is planning to do double donation it would be great if you could recommend any clinics. Would prefer the East Coast only because it’s that bit closer! As well as how you found the process.


Do you mean anonymous donors? As in the donor stays anonymous through out the process?

I have no experience in this with eggs, but wanted to say CNY Fertility might be someone to look into. They are in upstate NY and have a egg donor program, that looks to be pretty big part of what they do.

We did use DS and chose to use an anonymous donor as well.

Best wishes!!

edit: I just went back and reread your OP. I see what you mean now, not 100% anonymous but open to being contacted.


In the UK when we refer to a known donor it would be a family member or friend whereas an anonymous donor is where the recipient doesn’t know the donor and the donor doesn’t know the recipient. Any child (and only the child) who is conceived from either donor sperm, eggs or embryos in the UK is able to look up their donor when they turn 18. I think it’s kind of confusing that it’s called anonymous because it is to us but not to a child who may result from the treatment. I’m not sure if donors are referred to in the same way in the US.

We have a profile of the donor we’re using for our current IVF treatment. So we have a baby picture, recording of his voice, medical history, educational background and his interests. So if we go down the egg donor route we’d like there to be the option that the child could look the donor up if they wanted to and are happy to have similar information.

Thanks for the clinic suggestion. I’ll look them up. I see you’re expecting twins. Congrats and good luck!


I was a shared egg donor. It was completely anon. I could chose to keep it open once the potential child turned 18 if they wanted to locate me and I did. I will never be able to search for the child myself though. I could also chose to keep it closed forever, it’s the donors choice. I used IVF Florida between Ft. Lauderdale and Boca Raton and they were amazing!! Best of luck :slight_smile: