Double stims but lower response


Wanted to know what this means… Asked RE but he didn’t have any concrete answer. I had first IVF 2 months ago with Follistim, Menopur and Ganirelix protocol. 225 Follistim once a day, 75 Menopur once a day and Ganirelix once the follicles gained size. I had 9 full grown follicles in that cycle and 6 eggs retrieved. During my second IVF cycle, the stims were doubled. 225 Follistim twice a day, 150 Menopur and Ganirelix. I have only 4 follicles and egg retrieval has already got delayed by 2 days since follicles are not growing as rapidly as they did last time. Does anyone have any idea why this would happen?


Did you start off with the same number of antral follicles?

Different cycles are different. Sometimes more meds is better and sometimes it’s not.

Sorry, I know that’s not helpful, but it’s all I got.

Good luck!

EDIT: for illustration, I did the exact same meds my last two IVFs. In January, I ended up with 14 mature follicles, 7 eggs retrieved and 4 embryos. In May, I ended up with 14 mature follicles, 16 eggs retrieved and 7 embryos. Why the differences? Not really sure. Only difference was in May, we pushed retrieval back by a day or so.


I agree with Essemkay - you can never tell from cycle to cycle what will happen. But also, you are not on double the stims, only double the menopur which is half LH and half FSH. Some people don’t do well with LH in their protocols, so possibly the extra LH negatively affected you. It doesn’t surprise me that your RE didn’t have a concrete answer; so much about this is just luck.


I thought stims work on a linear equation. Doesn’t seem so. Thanks for your responses.


Just want to echo what others have said. While most of my cycles have been somewhat similar in response, there are always the occasional “duds.” When I was on Menopur a few years ago, doubling the dose killed my cycle. All the follicles fizzled out. The RE said that some people don’t respond well to increases in the LH, as someone else mentioned. For me, adding in Gonal F to bump up the FSH did the trick.

It’s easy to second guess everything you try. I had myself convinced that my best cycles were the ones I did coming right off BCPs. Or the ones where I stimmed slower. Or the ones where I took more vitamins. Or the ones where I wore a lucky shirt on the third day of my cycle :wink: It’s easy to play mind games with yourself, but sometimes the cycles are just different.

Hope it works for you soon!