Double Trigger to help with immature eggs?


Hi Ladies,

I have a problem with immature eggs at ER. I’m wondering if anyone that has used a Double Trigger to help mature their eggs is willing to share their experience with me. I’m specifically wondering about dosage and timing of the shots before egg retrieval. I think it’s an HCG and then a Lupron shot to follow as some point? Feel free to PM me as well.

I’m not looking for the Lupron only trigger information for those at risk of OHSS.

Thanks in advance


Thanks my11. Sorry you had such a bad experience.

I’m hoping some CCRM girls might chime in?


I had double Lupron trigger bc of risk of OHSS but i was told the Lupron helps mature the eggs too. Good luck.

[QUOTE=kaultra]Thanks my11. Sorry you had such a bad experience.

I’m hoping some CCRM girls might chime in?[/QUOTE]


Thanks Yellow!


I did two shots. I believe they were both ovidrel (I know they weren’t lupron) but it’s been a while so I’m not sure. I took one Tuesday evening for a Thursday morning retrieval. I had my HCG tested the next day and it was lower than the doctor liked so I did a second trigger the day before retrieval. I had 19 eggs retrieved, all immature, but 10 matured while they were washing them off and 7 if them fertilized and 7 more eggs matured the next day and 3 of them fertilized for 10 total embies. I did a 5 day transfer of 2, one took, and I now have a 2 year old son. So I had a good result with two triggers.


I did a double trigger with Lupron to try to get more mature eggs. I did the HCG tirgger than two lupron shots at required times and then my doctor gave me another HCG booster to get my levels where he wanted them.

I really don’t know how much it helped. I still had many immature eggs that never even matured the next day. In my case they just wanted to try to get as many eggs as possible since they knew my retrieval numbers would be low. I do not have a problem with immature eggs, so I do not know if this approach makes more of a difference for people with that problem.

Best wishes!