Doxycycline for Immunology: TH1/TH2



I have a quick question on Immunology tests and corresponding medications.

[B]My Th1/Th2 Cytokine Results (ratios):
TNF-a:IL-10 => 50 (High)
IFN-g:IL-10: => 33 (High)[/B]
My RE has recommended to take [B]Doxycycline[/B] and Probiotics for 1 month before starting IVF .

Could you please share your Th1/TH2 results and if you had also been on the same medications, has these medications shown any success? Also, are there any side effects to be concerned about.

Me: 32 (Immunology issue)
DH: 35
TTC: 2yrs



My TH1/TH2 results are not as high as yours but my RI is recommending prednisone and possibly IVIG if they rise during pregnancy. My TNFa is just a little high at 38. IF is in normal range.

Did your doc say what the Doxy would do? Seems strange to me.


I have never heard of doxy being used for cytokines. I know about prednisone and gluten-free diet.