Dr Firuza Parikh & her team @ Jaslok are the best!


I’ve been reading a lot of reviews about IVF on this domain, thought I should give my suggestions, especially since I’be had first hand experience. From the beginning itself we tried Dr Firuza Parikh & she was the best decision we took. Today I thank Almighty God & Dr Firuza Parikh as we have a 4 year old healthy boy, super intelligent, handsome charmer. Nothing comes in easy guys! It was a struggle of 2 years, when we started doing IVF. With every failed cycle we became stronger and did not loose hope in Dr Firuza & her team of doctors. She & her team of doctors are extremely friendly, caring & approachable. We keep in touch even today. There’s something called inexplainable infertility… Where u do all the tests, all the reports come fine but u still can’t conceive through IVF. In the 4th cycle, Dr Firuza did not leave any stone unturned, I was treated for antibodies too with Intralipids through out, that worked for me. It was a very good pregnancy. Just to let all of u know that Dr Firuza Parikh & her team of doctors are the Best! Your in safe hands!