Dr. Randy Morris in Naperville IL?


Hello Ladies!

I was wondering if any of you are having or had IVF with Dr. Randy Morris in Naperville IL? Your experience is so very much appreciated for us to make a decision. Thank you :grouphug:


We have not used him however a friend did. She had unexplained infertility. She did not conceive with the IVF she did there, but highly recommended him to me. I’ve also heard good things about a Dr. Miller in Naperville. His clinic make the top 5 in Illinois for IVF. Good luck! I am using Dr. Humberto Scoccia through University of Illinois Chicago. I will be cycling in July. Do you live in Illinois? PM me if you ever want to talk.


HumDucky, thank you so much for your reply. Yes I live in IL. I’ve also heard some good things about Dr. Miller too. I live close to Naperville area. I am gonna PM you now. thank you again.


I am a current patient of Dr. Miller in Naperville. He’s my second RE in Illinois. He is truly good at what he does and he’ll tell you. If you read my signature, you’ll see that I’ve been through quite a bit with my former RE Dr. Jain with Chicago IVF. His beside manner was excellent, I just don’t think that he was experienced enough to deal with my situation. The root of my infertility comes from excessive fibroids, tubal blockage, and thyroid problems.
I sought out Dr. miller after talking with someone on this discussion site. I took all of my records to doctor miller and on the second visit he performed a sono HSG and he showed me a fibroid that was distorted my uterine cavity. I had two sono HSG at my previous RE and I was told that the uterus was all clear. Dr. Miller performed a robot assisted myomectomy and tubal cannulation in November and to date my uterus is normal and both tubes are open. I’m currently in my 2ww for my first iui.


chanabug33, thanks for sharing :grouphug:. I am glad that you are in the right place now. It is nice to hear that your causes found and treated. I think the most important thing is the trust, comfort with your RE.

I have unexplained infertility, nothing seems to be wrong. My only guess is scarring due to appendix surgery. And my last choice is to undergo the lap. Cost factor is my headache. My RE advised us to go for a IVF since it bypasses the problem. But my 1st fresh cycle failed with no known causes. My DH has low everything but we made it to 3 embies.

Each and every friend of mine is either expecting or had babies already. I just got a news that one of my friend is pregnant. And this fascinating pregnancy news is just flying around making me feel so sad, down, stressed. So far I know 7 women around me r expecting already and I am counting. I know I should be happy for them but I can;t help. I am sorry for the long post but I couldn’t help myself, wanted to share with someone.

I wish you get your :bfp: and my:pray::babydust:for you.


Dr Morris

Hi there,

I had 2 IVFs(first and second) cycles with Dr. Morris and my best friend had 2. None of us got pregnant with him. I think Dr. Morris is a good RE but are I have a couple of things that I did not like:

  • he talk a lot about statistics and numbers and I felt that he did not focus on a personal protocol for me, for my low AMH.
  • he got me on maxim dose medicine for both of my cycle what I found out is really bad for egg quality in my case with my diagnose. I got better response with low dose and my next RE.
  • even if my insurance from BCBS covered 100%, Dr. Morris charges are higher than any RE I met. Please look into this if you pay out of pocket.

I always had blast for transfer but never stick. My friend had day 6 perfect blasts but did not work. Maybe it was not our time back than :).

Good luck to you!!!


Thank you bluehope :grouphug:! Yes the price is higher than other clinics. The price factor is a real struggle for us :frowning: It works if REs charge higher price for higher quality … but if the quality is not satisfying then it’s a disaster. Your thoughts are very helpful so thanks again.

Wish you the best! and my :pray: for you to get your :bfp: soon.


[QUOTE=Lemons]Thank you bluehope :grouphug:! Yes the price is higher than other clinics. The price factor is a real struggle for us :frowning: It works if REs charge higher price for higher quality … but if the quality is not satisfying then it’s a disaster. Your thoughts are very helpful so thanks again.

Wish you the best! and my :pray: for you to get your :bfp: soon.[/QUOTE]
One thing…My new RE(Dr. Kaplan from FCI) will try a frozen transfer for me next. He said that a lot of women are responding better to it because your body is not on so many hormones and estrogen level is low. Maybe you will like to ask your RE about it. We will see the results…


thank you bluehope for sharing. We decided to go for FET cycle with our one & only (4bb) snow baby. The information you shared, gave me hope :grouphug:.

good luck 2 u and my :pray:


We have our apt. set up this Saturday with Dr. Morris. Very anxious and ready. Like everyone else said in thread I have read reviews on Dr. Morris & Dr. Miller both in Naperville, both very good. :cross:


thank you for your post kmjf114:grouphug: I hope your app went well. I’ve heard that they moved into their new office building in downtown Naperville. Hoping that they are gonna start performing procedures @ the new building sooner. It will help us save some…, like facility fee…,

Good luck to you:pray:



(This is my very first post but just wanted to provide and ask for feeedback!)

I have been a patient of Dr. Miller in Naperville, but am thinking of giving Dr. Morris at IVF1 a try. Any other feedback or experiences with Dr. Morris are greatly appreciated!

We just completed our 2nd round of IVF with Dr. Miller’s office. It is very frustrating this time around, because we have so many unanswered questions. After the 1st failure, we waited over 1 month just to get an appointment to be able to discuss why it didn’t work! We literally had about a 5-minute meeting with him before he passed us off to one of the nurses. Same thing this time around - we have to wait 3.5 weeks just to be able to find out why it didn’t work. It’s very frustrating.

The staff and nurses at Dr. Miller’s are very nice, but I got the feeling that I was just a number. There was little to none personal interaction with nurses. I would go in, get my blood drawn, get an ultrasound, and then be done. Then I’d have to check my voicemail in the afternoon for the next step. I rarely got to actually talk to a nurse throughout the process.

I call this place a baby factory. They have procedures in place and stick to them - but it just makes you feel like a number. This most recent cycle was the worst. After my 2ww I had a blood test on 5/20. The nurse called me (yes I got an actual call, not a voicemail!) after I’d been patiently waiting for 2 weeks, and told me SHE DIDN’T KNOW IF I WAS PREGNANT. Excuse me? I thought it was pretty black and white? I went back 2 days later for another blood test. This time, I had a 30 second voicemail tell me that I was not pregnant. This frustrated me to no end - at least have the sensitivity to call me on the phone and talk to me in person like you said you would!

Also, Dr. Miller was not even around the day of my embryo transfer. We had specifically chosen this clinic because of their high success ratings, and yet Dr. Miller was not present to do my ET, because he “had to go out of town”. We did not find out until we got there in the morning for the appointment.

When we initially did all of our testing, we found out that I am not the problem - my husband is. I was given an A-OK. This past cycle we transferred 2 BBB embryos, which is the best rating they give. And yet, nothing. Very frustrating from a clinic that has high success rates.

Anyway, taking a break for a while but thinking of giving Dr. Morris a try. Any other feedback is greatly appreciated!