Dr says its multiples


I went for a blood test yesterday to confirm pregnancy and when the dr called with results he said it was gonna be multiples because it was 7000 and I think I’m almost 5 weeks along. Does this amount automatically indicate multiples? I have my scan tomorrow to find out and I’m very nervous. I was 23 dpo.


I don’t believe it [I]automatically[/I] indicates multiples. It is a bit on the high side for a singleton according to the betabase: Single-day Information[/URL] and right in line with twin numbers: [URL=“http://betabase.info/showDailyData.php?type=basic&multiples=Twin&dpo=23”]Single-day Information but you really can’t know definitively from beta numbers, especially just looking at one number and not how fast it increases. However, with such a high number, you’re sure to get your answer at your scan tomorrow!

Congrats and good luck!!


My beta at 5w5d was 22,000. That was with a singleton. My RE and nurses thought multiple for sure. You can never tell with just beta #s. At least things are progressing nicely, which is a good sign. :slight_smile:


I had betas within range, but my nurses and RE thought for sure I was going to have twins because of the circumstances - everything was looking so promising. I ended up with only a singleton. They kept looking and looking at every appt and finally sent me to a specialist to get one of those super duper pelvis u/s to make sure the 2nd one wasn’t hidden or lodged in a tube somewhere.