Dr Schlegel and IVF Doc


My husband and I have decided to use Dr Schlegel for his mTese in hopefully June! Has anyone used Schlegel and had success? My husband has NOA with high FSH with everything else normal.

Now I need to find a reproductive endocrinologist for me. Does anyone have any recommendations? Dr Schlegel mentioned his wife, Dr Pfeifer. Curious if anyone has any experience with her?

Thanks in advance


I see this message is old, so you probably have already made a decision, but I wanted to say that my husband used Dr. Schlegel 10 years ago and LOVED him. We can recommend very highly. We have an 8 year old boy, because of him and my RE. The RE I used was Dr. Owen Davis and I would recommend his very highly as well. He’s very kind and knowledgeable. Good luck!!


I cannot thank you enough for your response! I received it as we were headed to the airport to go to NYC for our first visit with my doctor (Dr. Pfiefer)! We are going in May for IVF/tese surgery with Dr. Schlegel.

Thanks so much for your reassurance and encouragement!! Much needed and much appreciated!


Awesome! Good luck!!!:grinning::grinning: