Dr silber in st louis?


anyone know of him or heard anything good?


I have not seen Dr. Silber (my RE is closer to home), but I know 2 people who have and both have had succesful first time IVF’s.
That’s really all I know, however…
He was on a TV show too, right?!?


I know Dr Silber. I love him and would refer anyone to him. We used him as a male specialist though.

He used to come to a clinic in NY once a month, and do procedures here. After researching about him, I scheduled an appointment and he did a tese procedure on my husband that day. As soon as he touched him, he knew there was sperm in there, and found 8 vials. He assured me that we should be able to have as many kids as we want in this lifetime.

I should mention that this was after several appts with other doctors, who left us unsure as to whether he even produced any sperm.


thank you