Dr. Zouves or Dr. Milki (Stanford)



I did few IUIs with Dr. Milki (at Stanford). I have now decided to move to IVF and wondering which clinic to choose from.

I did one initial consultation with Dr. Zouves (goivf) . He did immunology testing:

  • Th1/Th2 was partially out of range, so asked me to start taking Doxycycline for one month before IVF.

  • APA (Antibody) was “Borderline”, so Lovenox injection is prescribed during IVF and upto 11 weeks of pregnancy. Besides I have to be on Baby Aspirin medication.

    Dr. Zouves IVF protocol includes more medications and injections as compared to other clinics. So, I am not feeling very comfortable to be on so many medications.

    Just wondering if I should choose Dr. Milki or Dr. Zouves.

Please advise me with your views.


Me: 32
DH: 34
TTC: 1.5yrs
Diagnosis: Unexplained fertility


I am taking some medications for immunology issues. Doing IVF takes a lot of medications, but once you are in a routine it is not bad.

I take Lovenox every day for elevated APA’s. It is a shot, no side effects. Now that I am pregnant, my RE wants my OBGyn to run a thrombophelia panel. If I have clotting issues, I will stay on Lovenox for the entire pregnancy. Many women with clotting issues take Lovenox and it is safe for the baby. I also take a corticosteroid pill daily and will do so until week 8.

Some doctors do not believe in immune issues. But it made sense to me that your body would have an impact on getting pregnant. So we decided to “believe” in immune issues and went with a doctor that would treat them.

In the end, go with the doctor you feel most comfortable with and who has the best success rates for your type of issue/age group. You are relatively young, so that is a big plus.

Good luck!!


I have cycled with Dr. Zouves. And I really think he is very thorough with what he does. And will treat for anythign he thinks is a problem. Only thing you have to keep in mind is he will not take much of ur suggestions. So you just have to trust his and go with it.
Although I cannot say I am successful I really like and am doing my next DE cycle with him to.



According to my OB, Dr. Zouves is more unconventional because he does immunology testing and not all doctors believe in it, but Dr. Zouves was able to get patients pregnant who were unsuccessful at other clinics.

IVF is all about taking lots of medications and potentially high doses of it. Dr. Zouves would not ask you to take them if he didn’t think they’d improve your odds of getting pregnant.

Good luck with your decision.