Driving Myself Crazy


I have been keeping a calm level head about things since I’ve been with my 2nd RE. I figure it’s important in the grand scheme of things. However, since I triggered on Friday…I am on super high alert with anything happening in my body! I am trying to keep myself distracted with holiday stuff, cleaning out a spare room, etc, etc. It’s not working.

Saturday I had a faint’ish spell driving to family’s house and had to pull over for DH to drive. I am not aware of ovidral having this side effect. It subsided an hour or so later. Yesterday I was crampy all day long. Both ovaries. Today still having some cramping. I think I should get an OPK because I dont think I O’d when I was supposed to…

We are trying the old fashioned way this cycle…so we are still :dance: every other day since last Thursday and are supposed to until Wednesday.

I feel foolish for even thinking something could come of this the first go-round. So I try to down play the whole thing in my head.

This Friday I have BW for Progesterone levels. Then nothing again for another week. Torture!