Dropping E2 levels


I went to the Dr on thursday after 7 days of stimming, had many growing follicles and E2 of 633, Saturday I went back and had 11 follicles with 5 good size ones my E2 was 350 :(, Sunday I went and my follicles were still there and growing and my lining was 10 but my E2 was 180 i triggered anyway to take the chance. Today I went back for insemination and my husbands count was 300 million with 90% motility WOOHOO and i had 10 follicles with 3 above 16 and my lining was 12.5, I was undecided regarding whether or not to do a second IUI tomorrow, I decided to wait to view my lab work. I called and my E2 level jumped to over 600 :clap: and when asking my Dr this morning if he has ever seen someone get pregnant with dropping E2 levels like I had and he said yes many times however it isn’t an ideal situation. Has anyone had a similar situation with success? This is going to be a tough 2WW not that any are easy