E2 level gonal F IUI


[INDENT]Hello ladies. I had a question regarding follicles and e2 level. Why would my e2 level be high but my follicle be small? My e2 level last time was 640 but my dominant follicle was only 12 maybe 13. Is it normal for the e2 level to be higher than the actual follicle size? Thanks [/INDENT]


Yes, I had this too. My doctor said that my E2 level was higher than my mature follicle count (should be 200 per mature follicle) because I had multiple smaller follicles that can contribute some estrogen as well. I had 3 follicles sized 15, 16 and 17 and final E2 was 860. I also had 4-5 smaller follicles around 6-10mm that the doctor said would have contributed the extra E2.


I always have high E2 levels. But the cycle I overstimmed, the smaller follicles (< 11.3cm) also contributed quite a bit of estrogen.