e2 level on day of trigger


I have a question about e2 level on day of trigger. I had my final ultrasound and blood work this morning. My e2 on Monday was 843 and today it was 1677. The RE told me I have 18 follicles. I thought each follicle was 150-200 of e2. I asked how many eggs he ‘thinks’ he might get on Friday and he counted what the nurse had been writing down during my ultrasound and counted 18 “mature follicles”. I am totally confused. I appreciate any input.



my e2 was in the 2000s (its in my signature) and I had 20 eggs retrieved, and 17 were mature…so seems good to me Everyone is different, and my RE said 100-200 for each mature egg


You also have to remember ur eggs will grow and your E2 will continue to rise my E2 this time was 4500 I had 20 mature eggs lasts time it was over 6000 and still only 20 mature the little ones excrete E2 as well I thi k u have a 12-15 in there


I’ve read the 100-200 for each mature egg. I’ve also read 200-400 for each mature egg. We did an IVF in April and they retrieved 10 eggs, all which fertilized and were viable at day 3. My E2 at trigger was only in the 900s, and they only saw 7-8 eggs on ultrasound. Some people make more E2 than others, and I am one that makes less. I don’t see any reason with your numbers why you wouldn’t get a great “harvest.” And, as others have said, that number rises significantly when you trigger. Best wishes to you!!


Thank you all so much for your input. It has helped with putting my mind at ease. It can be so confusing because nothing with IF is exact.

Thank you!!