E2 not matching number/size of follies?


Well, today just sucked. My U/S showed follies ranging in size considerably - I have maybe only 7 that think are maturing (right now) but a bunch of smaller ones.

On my left the size ranges from 5-10mm and on my right from 5-11mm.

My RE, when he saw my follies, thought I may need to switch to IUI or cancel and try again. :grr:

The only good news today was that my E2 was 419 (on day 5 of stims) so when my RE got that news he said he feels the best course of action would be to continue with the cycle.

Does anyone know if my E2 is rising will my follies catch up? :pray:

My LH and P4 is still nice and low. So, I’m not starting the Ganirilex yet.

BTW my meds the first two days of stims were
150 Menopur, 75 Follistim with E2 84 on day 3.

Then my Follistim was increased to 200iu for the night of day3 and day4.

They’re not upping my Follistim to 250iu tonight and tomorrow night.


I don’t know much about E2 levels but my E2 after 5 days of stims was 283 and it increased to 1075 on day 9. My follicles are being slow (375 Bravelle and 75 Menopur with 20 units microLupron). My RE seems happy with everything. I go back tomorrow and will likely have a Saturday ER.


On day 6 I also had no measurable follies ei nothing over 10 I ended up with 20 mature eggs. Also my E2 was 69 on day 4 you have alot of room to play with stims and they make giant strides the last several days its not unusual or bad to stim 12 days.


Thank you Hlaine, Sorcet! Any motivation is helpful at this point!