E2 not under Control CD14


My E2 was 4149 on CD11 so my RE stoped Gonal F due to hight E2 for the rest of the days and asked me to have one 75iu dose yesterday (CD13) morning before Blood and Ultrasound turns out that my Follicles are doing good but my E2 is droped to only 277 so they instructed me to start Gonal F again 150iu at nights and 225iu in the mornings starting CD 13, CD14 and CD 15 morning dose and go for another B/U i am just scared that with this much high dose my E2 increases too high.

If my E2 was as expected yesterday was my Shot day and tomorrow my ER. but now everything is delayed. and i think new Expected ER date could be Friday 11/12/10.

I hope my E2 gets under control by tomorrow.

IVF # 1 :pray: for success
10/29/10 - First B/U CD3 - Gonal f Injectibles 150iu
CD4 - Gonal f Injectibles 150iu
CD5 & CD6 - Gonal f Injectibles 150iu twice a day
11/02/10 CD7 - Gonal f Injectibles 150iu Just once that day Second B/U - E2 -2203 :grr: More then 20 follicles each overies and 3 >10mm on R and 2>10mm on L
CD8 - Dose droped :pray: to contol E2 Gonal f Injectibles 75iu once a day
CD9 - 3rd B/U - More then 40 follicles each overy :woohoo: and ranging from 11 - 13.7 mm 15 follicles in each overy. Still waiting for BW result for the E2-4149. Advised to stop Conal F and start Cetroide .25mg once a day from tomorrow
CD10- started taking Cetrotide .25mg once a day.
CD11 - B/U E2 - 4149 :pray: - Coasting continued Through CD13 Morning
CD13 - Gonal F 75iu and Cetrotide .25mg
CD13 - B/U Follicles - Ranging form 13-20 =36 :slight_smile: Total from Both O’s and Many < 12mm- Lining 8 mm E2 droped very low to 227 :grr: so back to Gonal F 150iu at night.
CD14 - (Today) Gonal F 225iu in the morning & 150iu at night, Cetrotide .25mg
CD15 - (Tomorrow) Gonal F 225iu & Cetrotide .25mg in the Morning and then B/U :pray:ing for E2 to be under control and Follicles to be growing expectedly…

Will keep you posted with my results.


Hi Babydust - I have been in the same position before. I just posted a new thread. For my last IVF which was not successful, my E2 was in th 5000s. Even for my IUIs where I had only 3 lead follicles, my E2 was in the 800s. My doc thinks that might affect the egg quality. I have no answers for u either…But good luck on ur cycle.


I thought once they started giving the agonist (Cetroide) E2’ levels were almost meaningless? It makes your e2 drop.

There are tons of studies on high E2, many of them came to conclusions that a good egg is a good egg no matter how much LH, E2, etc you shove on it. OHSS would be the main concern for those researchers.

Good Luck