Early AF with Follistim


I was curious if any ladies have expereinced an early AF when using follisitm? When Ive done clomid I was always 14 days after iui.
Today is 11dpo for me (did TI due to many follies) and I started this morning.:af: At first I thought it may be implatation bleeding but it keeps coming and I am also having cramping.


The same thing happened to me. Prior to taking IF meds I was on a 28 day cycle. Once I started Clomid it went to a 32 day cycle. But then this month I was on Follisitim and for the 1st time in about 6 months I had a 30 day cycle. I’ve also noticed since taking meds the lenht of my period is much shorter. Now it’s only about 2 days and before it was 4-5 days


I have been on Femara with Gonal-F or Repronex. My Gonal-F cycles have been MUCH shorter. I even had progesterone support this last time and still got AF 3 days early while taking progesterone. It’s super frustrating!