Early December IUIs


I am expecting an IUI the first week of December. AF should come about 11/16-17, I think…my last day of bcp is 11/14. This will be my first IUI and first round of injectables. Anyone cycling around the same time?..I’m wanting a cycle buddy!:babydust: :bsv: :babydust:


There is a small chance I will have my IUI Dec. 1st. The RE thought I would have it anywhere between Nov. 28 - Dec. 1 depending on how well I respond to the Clomid. This is my first IUI and I have always been very regular and ovulate around day 15. But many ladies here have said that Clomid caused them to ovulate sooner.

AF is due on Nov. 15th, so we shall just have to see what happens. Either way we will be pretty close cycle buddies!


So glad to find others who will be having their first IUI in Dec! I will probably have it around Dec. 2 or 3. I think af is due around Nov. 16. Who knows maybe we won’t have to go through an iui! I am a little nervous about it and hope my questions are fully answered before then! It will be nice to go through this with others :slight_smile:


I’m due for an IUI the first week of December as well, expecting AF between the 15-20th of November. Glad to hear I’m in good company! Good luck to all you ladies and am looking forward to staying in touch with your progress :slight_smile:


I’m so happy there are a few of us to go through this together!

SilvereLining-I also took Clomid, but I didn’t ovulate with it according to my progesterone levels. So I don’t have any info on that.
hope13- I hope you don’t have to do it…that would be great! But if you do we’ll be here to calm each others worries and answer each others questions.

Has anyone taken bcp prior to a medicated cycle? I was prescribed Loestrin 24 and will take my last one on Sunday. I have never taken bcp before. Also, I started light spotting last Tuesday (11/2) and still am. I called the RE Wednesday and they said it was normal on that pill and to call back if it became like a normal period. How many days till AF should arrive after stopping bcp?

DH and I getting so excited about this cycle!!!


Hello, there is a pretty good chance my next IUI will be in December. I just a my d&c yesterday, so I am not sure when my period will start, but I am guessing sometime by the end of this month. My RE wants me to take a month off, so I am not sure if that means this month or next month. I guess it is all still up in the air. However, if it works out the way I am thinking I maybe doing it around the same time as you ladies.

Good luck to everyone! :babydust:


I’m so sorry for your loss.:frowning: I would think he meant to take an entire cycle off-like have this period, then the next one you could start trying again. At least that’s what my RE wanted me to do…it actually ended up being a few cycles off while getting additional bloodwork done. Good Luck to you!!:grouphug:


wtbmom ~ I have never taken BCP so I am not sure what to tell you about when to expect AF. Hopefully she will come sooner rather than later!

Lovinmybabies ~ I hope everything went okay yesterday. Did they say whether or not it was a tubal?


Dec Ladies!

Hey there Ladies!

I am back and we are ready to start our 2nd IUI cycle. Should happen the 1st or 2nd week of December which means hopefully we’ll have a great Christmas present!!

This is our 2nd IUI. We are considering doing B2B. Anyone done that yet? I go to my fertility dr this Friday to discuss our plan of attack.

:pray: :babydust: :cheer: Bring on those Christmas :bfp: !!


[quote=SilvereLyning]wtbmom ~ I have never taken BCP so I am not sure what to tell you about when to expect AF. Hopefully she will come sooner rather than later!

Lovinmybabies ~ I hope everything went okay yesterday. Did they say whether or not it was a tubal?[/quote]

I go back tomorrow for another beta to make sure it is going down. The OR nurse called me this morning and I told her I am cramping on the right side. She said that is where they removed the tissue they think that was the sight of implantation. So I am really praying that the beta is for sure going down. That will tell us weather it was in the uterus for sure. If my beta is still up they plan on giving me the shot and that would tell us that the pregnancy was in the tube, but I really feel like since they did remove tissue from the uterus it was in my uterus. They are sending it off to pathology so those results should be back in a week or so.

My RE told me we can resume intercourse in 10 days and that we may actually get lucky on our own. He said when my first period starts to call him. That will be CD 1 and i guess he will tell me where to go from there. It could possibly be January before we do another IUI, but I am hoping for December if we don’t get pregnant on our own during our waiting period.


Mid-December for me

So, I’m a little bummed. We have to push back this cycle a couple weeks. I’m gonna have to stay on bcp until the 27th…I was supposed to stop them this Sunday. It looks like my IUI will now be around the 13th. As long as I get a BFP and it sticks, a couple weeks later won’t matter at all.

I can’t wait to hear how everyone’s IUIs go!



Hi Ladies! I hope everyone is thinking positive thoughts heading into this next round for us all!!

I met with my Doctor this morning to make a plan for this IUI. I must say I am excited and fee much for confident this time around!!

We will be using Clomid CD 5-9 100mg. CD 12 I will start monitoring ultrasounds as it seems the at home ovulation kits don’t work for me. Then I will do my 1st trigger shot once the follicles look good.

This is completly different than my last cycle in which we took the clomid and did testing at home. No trigger and no ultrasounds to check follies.

I feel this will be the one and I am :pray: and sending :bsv: to all of us early Dec gals!!


wtbmom ~ Sorry your cycle is getting pushed back a couple weeks. But like you said, if it ends in BFP then what is a couple more weeks to wait!

Hoping4Luck ~ Sounds like you have a great plan this next cycle! I hope it is the perfect recipe!

Lovinmybabies ~ How is everything? Is the beta coming down like it should be? Any work on whether or not you will be able to try another cycle in Dec? You have been in my thoughts!

AFM: Donor Sperm purchased yesterday and just wait on AF! She should arrive in the next 2-3 days.


any updates?

I’m anxious to know how everyone is doing. AF showed up for anyone yet? It will probably be Nov. 29-30 for me.


Actually AF showed up for me today. I will call the RE tomorrow and probably have by CD3 u/s on Tues. I will see if I can get a better idea then of when my IUI will be. I am thinking around 29-30 unless the clomid causes me to ovulate earlier.


I’m still waiting for AF, should be by the end of the week, unless the cysts muck up my cycle somehow. I almost want AF to come early, to ensure I can get in to see the RE for my baseline ultrasound before he goes on vacation for Thanksgiving, otherwise this cycle may not get off the ground.

Hope you are all doing well! I’m anxious to get going.


Hoping4Luck- I am also feeling strangely optimistic about this cycle…hopefully that will be a good thing for us!

SilvereLyning- I’m so excited for you! Grow follies, grow!!

northstar85- Come on AF! That’s why I stayed on bcp longer…cause RE would not be here during Thanksgiving to monitor.

:babydust: to all!!!


Ugh I am feeling like AF will be here soon. I have two nights of prometrium pills left and then I am sure it will be here…it never lets me down. Ha! Looking like IUI will be Nov. 29 or 30th.


No AF for me yet. Probably next week sometime. I’m so anxious to get started this cycle!!

How is everyone holding up???:cheer:



OK SO i’ve never had my follies measured before and I am this cycle. What numbers should I be looking for??