Early in the pregnancy


Okay, so here’s the story.

I found out that I was pregnant in early June. This was very early in the pregnancy, I’m talkin a few weeks into it. I am pretty in tune with my cycle and definitely felt like something was up. I did all the stuff, started up things with midwives, did the tests and all of it.

I went into my first real midwife check up and she didn’t hear a heartbeat. From our calculations, I should have been at about 10 weeks at that point. My uterus is tilted very far backwards, so she said this was normal, but ordered an ultrasound for me because they needed to confirm a heartbeat.

About a week later I went for the ultrasound and they found that this being was only at about the 5-6 week point. It was only that grouping of cells. I knew it was wrong, that something was wrong. Everyone was reassuring me that everything just might be okay and not to be so upset until I really knew… but I just knew.

Through more testing I found out that I had miscarried about a month earlier. I was devastated.

Anyway, I am posting because of questions concerning the D&C I had to have.

Okay, so here’s the facts (and thank you for reading my little story there)…

D&C was Saturday, August 3rd. I had begun bleeding the night before but it was very minimal and I had no pain. The D&C went very well and I experienced no cramps and no major bleeding. It was like a moderate period, and got very light within about 4 days…totally stopping on Monday, August 12.

That week I was on vacation with my family and so I wasn’t with my boyfriend. The doctors hadn’t talked to me about sex, b ut I read online that I could have sex once I had stopped bleeding. Well, when I came home on Sunday night, August 18…my boyfriend and I had MAJOR sex. I got sort of carried away because I missed him and we had just gone through all of that. It was definitely rough and lasted awhile. Definitely way too rough for just having had a D&C 2 weeks prior.

I didn’t experience any pain and no bleeding. The next day, though, the 19th, I had light bleeding from around 3pm until 10pm. The next day, the 2oth, I had my final check up with the midwives. I told her what had happened and she said it was okay for me to sex…explained that I am still healing and that’s it’s like a bruise and on and on (I get it)… and to take it easy with the sex…but that I’m allowed to have it. My cervix looked healthy, there was some old blood on it…but I’m fine she said.

Well, we’ve probably had sex about 4 times since the check up…and we try to be as nice as possible…it’s always pretty brief and pretty gentle…but I always bleed the next day…usually it’s just a few hours and it never hurts…but it’s not old blood…it’s red. And the last time we did I bled about 30 minutes afterward. And today I was just bleeding pretty light and I hadn’t had any sex. ???

I’m just worried. I need some facts and reassurance. I have to go for my final bloodwork still…which I will do tomorrow. I just feel stressed about this. Like sex won’t ever be the same and that I permanently damaged something.

By the way, this is my first post on here and I have to say that this site is pretty awesome. Thanks to all who read this and especially those who offer their advice, experience and help. God bless you all…

Being a woman is NOT EASY!

Love, Kim


I don’t have any answers for you - but I would assume your cervix is just still recovering. We haven’t had sex yet since we lost our baby - tonight is the big night unless I chicken out. I’ll let you know tomorrow!