Early pregnancy- worried about miscarriage


Hi Ladies,

I had my first beta done 2days ago and it was 331. I am continually having uterine cramps on and off for the past few weeks. I’ve had 2 previous early M/C, and I’m so worried it’s going to happen again. Has anyone experienced these symptoms early on? Any suggestions?
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It could be things stretching; but if you are worried, no harm in going to your doctor and asking them.
Best wishes


I had cramps too, and still do now and then and I felt a lot better when I got the 2nd beta done. Gl!


Catherine- In my pregnancy that produced my DD, I had tons of cramping/pinging/stretchy/heavy feeling down there. In my 3 pregnancies that ended in MC, I didn’t have any of that until the hour before I started the MC. I would take it all as a GREAT sign that things are working to form that baby! (or babies…wink wink)


When I was first pregnant with my dd I had alot of cramps for at least the first 6 weeks. It’s completely normal. Try not to read to much into it. Think about it, right now is when everything is forming, placenta, sac, baby, alot is happening. Congrats, I hope to be right there with you real soon.


Thank you everyone for the reassurance. It makes me feel better :slight_smile:

Good luck to everyone :babydust::babydust:&:bsv:


CatherineNC ~ Nice Beta #2 numbers!!! Congrats again on the BFP. I hope you have a happy and healthy 9 months!


SilvereLyning~ Thank you! Yes I was happy with my 2nd Beta. Made me feel a lot better. As well as all the ladies on this forum :slight_smile: Thinking of you and hoping you get your :bfp: very very soon. :babydust::babydust: