ED IVF Blighted Ovum at 7w1d


I am 45 and had two blastocysts transferred on Nov 29. On Monday, the embryos should have been 7w1d. I had the first scan on Monday: only 1 GS was seen but no embryo. Doctor told me to come back in a week and have another scan but I think it is hopeless. I have screened the internet and have not found similar stories that ended in a successful pregnancy. After the ET three home pregnancy tests were negative I was already prepared for the negative news. Then, the blood tests confirmed a B-hcg level of 220 14 days after the embryo transfer. The numbers doubles every 48 h, so I thought everything was okay. The diagnosis hit me quite hard yesterday and I am very sad and in tears most of the day. I am still taking estrogen and progesterone but it seems so useless.