Edd & Iui


Hey ladies, as you most know we have recently had BFP after our first IUI. Does anyone know how the EDD is calculated after IUI - is it the same as for a natural conception i.e from the first day of the last period? or is it calculated differently as they know exactly when ovulation occurred?

Trigger was Nov 4th at 4am, and IUI was Nov 5th around 2:30pm.

I have yet to see my DR to discuss all of this so I figured id ask now lol


My RE used the date of the IUI and my OB used LMP, but both acknowledged that it is just an estimate and since my IUI was on CD 14, it made no difference. Although in looking through my paperwork, on one sheet my RE said April 27 and on another he said April 28. I just tell people it is late April. Once they start taking measurements they could change it anyway.


You go by your LMP not your IUI day.


Hmm…LMP was Oct 18th and IUI wasnt until Nov 5th, Im thinking they go by IUI rather than LMP but I guess Ill find out soon enough when I see my doctor.


On my BFP IUI they (OB and RE) went by my LMP until i had a u/s to have a better judgement on how far along i was. My babies were only 2 days behind, but thats bc i ovulated on cd16 rather than cd14. Just tell the OB that you had an IUI and that it wasn’t until CD19 (If i counted right) and that the sac and baby could measure behind on a u/s.

Or what you could do and i’ve see a few girls do this who’ve had LATE ovulation is tell them your LMP was 14 days before the day of your IUI so avoid the confusing of Oing late in a cycle. Yours would be Oct 23rd if i counted right. That would make you 4w2d today instead of the 5 weeks along if you used your real lmp.

Congrats on your bfp :cheer: