Egg donation at 60 years old!Am I crazy?


Hello to everybody!
My name is Gabrielle, I’m 59.
It happened so, I’ve never been married and I don’t have children.
And now I’m looking back at my life and think it was so empty and miserable.
I must say I’ve never felt happiness…I’ve never felt love…
I had couple of relationships, but they were not serious.
I thought that one day I will meet my only one.
I gave all my life to my career. I have never had time on entertainment and go-outs with friends.
When I was meeting someone, who showed me his sympathy, I was thinking ‘Now it is not time for love!’
My parents, colleagues, friends were asking me ‘Why are you still single?It’s time to have family and children!What are you waiting for?’
And only now I understand, that they were right. But it’s too late…
I look at my friends and I ask myself ‘Why?Didn’t I deserve to have love and family?’
My friend Rita has been married for almost 40 years. She has loving husband, 4 kids and 9(!) grandchildren.
And I’m very glad for her!!!
I see how her eyes shine when she tells me about her beloved ones.
Probably I did something horrible in my previous life and deserved all this.
Recently I visited youtube and I saw video about woman, who had procedure of egg donation at 59 years old.
She had video diary and she was making videos during the whole process.
I couldn’t take back my tears while watching!
And what surprised me the most - there are so many such women! They are not afraid to give birth in such age!
They create their happiness by themselves! They don’t care what other people say!
And a crazy thought occured in my mind…
Maybe it’s not too late for me? Maybe I still have chance to be happy?
I don’t know what to do…I’m scared…
At the same time I don’t want to loose time!
I hope you’ll help me to find clinic, where donation can be done at my age.
And hope for your support if it’s possible…


Hello Gabrielle! Your story made me cry…But it is never too late! And you are not crazy at all! I had donation at 46 years old. I have PCOS, so donation was my only chance to have children. I underwent ED in Ukraine. Now I have two wonderful kids, Daniel and Denis) I love them so much! Parenting is the best thing ever! I can’t imagine my life without my children. I know for sure that in this clinic, where we had ED, this procedure can be done in your age. The clinic name is BioTexCom, maybe you’ve heard about it. I wish you good luck! Don’t be afraid and fight for your happiness)


Thank you for your support, dear!
I congratulate you! Kids are such a blessing!
I’m so sorry now I didn’t do it earlier… But I hope with my whole heart it’s not to late.
I hope I still have my chance to full my life with happiness.
I’ve heard about this clinic. There are many reviews in the internet.
But it’s better to talk directly to someone, who had an experience there.
I hope for your help!I’m new to all this and I have many questions.
I would appreciate, if you clarify some issues for me.
What did you consider in your search of good clinic? Why did you choose Ukraine and BioTexCom?
How much attempts did you have? Thank you for any info!


Thank you Gabrielle! Don’t be sorry. You can’t change your past. So there is no sense to regret and blame yourself. But you can make your future better! Please ask whatever you need! I’m always ready to help) I was looking for a clinic very carefully. There are so many fraudsters and you should be very attentive. The main criteria for me were positive reviews, professional doctors and good service. I’ve found a couple of good clinics, 'explored’ each review and each website, where those clinics were mentioned. And of course official websites were learned by heart. So after the discussions, thinking through all pros and cons, I chose Ukrainian clinic. So, my husband and I came there and our doctor told us everything about donation. In case of 5 failures, the clinic would refund us our money. I’ve got pregnant from the first attempt!The service was pretty good, they gave us guarantees on success. We were satisfied with everything.


I appreciate your support and help!
Thank you a lot for these tips!
I will consider everything you said.
Sounds very good. I like the idea of refunding money.
I have nothing to loose!
May I ask how much did you pay?
How do they choose donors for their programs?
Did you choose your donor by yourself?


You’re welcome) We chose package called ‘Guaranteed success’. We paid 9 900 euros for all services, starting from meeting in the airport by representatives of the clinic and finishing with ED itself. All donors are chosen very carefully. First requirement is age of donor. All their donors are 18 – 25 years old. Second requirement is perfect physical and mental health. And third requirement is absence of genetic diseases in the donor and her family. You can’t choose donor by yourself. Contact of clients with donors is prohibited by law. But you can provide desired phenotype! The clinic will choose donor for you, basing on your requirements. They gave us 3 variants. They sent us all info about them. That’s how we chose the most suitable donor. Our children look very similar to us! No one can ever tell they are not biologically mine)


What a relief! I would like my child to look like me.
The price looks good! Did you pay the whole amount at once?
So they provide meeting in the airport?
What other services do they give?
And what about language barrier?
I don’t know Ukrainian at all.
Of course I can hire a translator, but I’m not quite sure I’ll be able to find the one who knows about ED…


The clinic provided us with taxi, which carried us through the city. And also they provide manager, who translated everything for us. So there is no need to hire interpreter) Accommodation and food are also included into the package. You won’t have to spend extra money! The whole sum was divided into two payments. So we paid 4 950 euros during first visit and 4 950 euros during second visit.


It seems the clinic took into consideration every single detail.
So foreign clients will feel comfortable in Ukraine.
How much time did you visit the clinic?
Did the clinic provide you with accommodation during all your visits?
Or did you stay at hotel for your spending?
Also I have very big doubt about Ukraine…
There is war now. Is it safe to go there?


You’re absolutely right! We felt pretty comfortable in Kiev. We weren’t worrying about language barrier or how to find clinic or where to live. We fully concentrated on ED process. We visited clinic 2 times in the frameworks of procedure. The first meeting lasted 2 days and included medical examination. Also we were provided with information about the program, organizational and medical parts and terms of the contract. Our second visit lasted a week. There were the sperm pick-up, fertilization of donor’s eggs and embryo transfer. They provided us with housing as well as with food both times. And it’s safe in Kiev! There are no riots or hostilities. The war takes place in the east part of the country. So Kiev looked calm and friendly city) Don’t worry about that.


I must say I’ve never been abroad.
So going to different country, where is war, in my age scares me a little bit.
But you calmed me down! I hope there will be no other worries except ed ivf.
I appreciate your help!
Thank you for answering all my questions, dear.
I want to consult with my friend and make a decision.
I don’t want to waste more time.