Egg donation in Ukraine... Can I trust this clinic?


Hi, everybody! I need your help. I suffer from a tough PCOS, but want to become a mummy very much. Several months ago I underwent anti-muller test which revealed a low ovarian reserve. My gyny recommends me not to try IVF and go straight to egg donation program. At present my husband and I live in Germany, where egg donation is forbidden. Of course, we can go to the UK and try egg donation there, but we decided to go Ukraine, where egg donation is more available, anonymous and conducted on a commercial basis.

We’ve decided to contact Biotexcom. It’s a reproductive clinic, which is situated in the capital city, Kiev.

We liked the way we were met at the airport and treated afterwards. However, when we came to the clinic for the first time to meet its representatives, we were a little bit shocked.

The clinic is tiny. Narrow and small halls and too overcrowded…

I wonder, if the clinic is really small, why do they take so many patients? We spent hours staying in the queue in order to speak with the clinic’s representatives.

In addition, I saw many couples with newly born babies. Why don’t the clinic owners open a separate office where couple with small children would come??? I don’t think it’s right to make them come to overcrowded clinic where you can meet people from over the world. You never know whether a person who is near your baby healthy or not. I saw how a man was coughing constantly and a couple with a newly born baby was staying near him. It was really disgusting!!!

The staff of this clinic is really awful. The administrator at the reception desk is extremely unfriendly. She doesn’t know how to treat her clients. The first day we came to the clinic, she answered us in a loud unfriendly voice. When we tried to get some additional derails, she asked us to contact our program manager and started to speak with another couple.

The same can be said about the clinic’s doctor. She looks very confident and you want to trust her, but she speaks with you very formally. Frankly speaking, I don’t like such attitude. I would like to get a warmer reception.

We’ve decided not to sign up a contract yet, because we didn’t like the building where the clinic was situated and the way we were treated there. However, the clinic was overcrowded with patients, and I saw loads of couples with small children. Can it be a good sign? Or maybe, it’s better to go somewhere else where the staff is friendlier???

P.S. Maybe, there is someone here who has visited Ukrainian reproductive clinics, especially I’m interested in Biotexcom. Would you please share your experience with me???