Egg Donor Agency Help


Hi everyone!

My DH and I are starting the process for donor egg IVF. That said, I wanted to get your opinion about your experiences with any agency- Good/ the Bad… anything we can do to make this process a little smoother.

Our current RE has a list of his own donors but it’s hard to pick from a list of about 25 girls.

We live in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area.

If anyone has ANY advice, I would greatly appreciate it. Please post or send me a PM.

Positive thoughts to everyone!


Sent you a PM. Best of luck!


I did as well! :babydust:


Prayers Appreciated !

Thank you ladies!

As I told a few of you, we now know what donor we are using.

Originally we selected a girl (from our RE database) that seemed so perfect in our hearts but we would have to wait months for her. The waiting would be hard but we knew it was worth it. After several delays, we felt the writing was on the wall. We stayed on the waiting list but started looking at several other options.

My DH started looking at private agencies. He knew this process stressed me out so he would stay up late and look at them while I slept. He looked at over 2,000 profiles. Kind of obsessive compulsive but his intentions were good.

We found the “perfect donor.” She looked amazing and everything was a great fit (finally someone that looked close to me) until we received her family history and genetic consult. TOTAL DISASTER. My DH and I decided to look elsewhere.

Well, this week we got our break. The original donor is now available to us due to other couples having to put off treatment due to financial and family issues.

That said- it’s time! We will be doing the transfer in the later part of January.

If I could ask anything of anyone- it would be simple prayer. My DH and I can’t afford to do this treatment multiple times… we need this to work. We have been on a two year marathon of bad news and feel like it is finally our turn to share an inspiration story. :cross:



We’re also in the initial stage. Need an egg donor and perhaps surrogate mother. Doctors said 80% my wife can’t carry a babby. However we want to try our 20%. We found the agency abroad