Egg Freeze


Hi - I’m new to the forum, and a little bit different from most of the women here. I recently turned 40 and am still hopeful that I’ll find Mr. Right one of these days… in the meantime, i’ve decided to be proactive and freeze my eggs. (same as ivf, instead of embryo transfer, they stick the eggs in the freezer). there are no forums for egg freezers. unfortunately, my cycle was just cancelled. I had a cyst aspiration last month, and this month, i just didn’t develop enough follies (only 3 follies + 3 big ffollies - most likely cysts). Doc said I would only get 2 or 3 eggs - at best, and recommended waiting another month or so. i would very much like to have a family one day, and am just curious about others’ thoughts? experiences? after cancel - can there be a success? am i a lost cause?


Freeze half, fertilize half

My advice would be to freeze half of the eggs retrieved and have the other half of them fertilized with donor sperm and frozen once they become 3 or 5 day old embryos. I would not freeze every single egg.

The reason (from what I understand) is because egg freezing alone is very experimental and success rates are really low when getting an egg out of the freezer and thawing it and trying to get it fertilized and become a viable embryo to implant.

If you meet Mr. Right one day and decide to unfreeze the eggs and they fertilize and if it works, that’s wonderful. However, if you don’t meet Mr. Right, you still have embryos that can be implanted when you’re ready. But if you meet Mr. Right after you conceive, you can at least tell him that there’s no “ex-husband” to deal with.

Best of luck to you on whatever you decide.


I don’t really have any answers for you but I’m wondering how many eggs your doctor is hoping for. I’m 43 and one of the reasons we haven’t gone to IVF is because my doctor doesn’t think I’m likely to get more than 3 or 4 follies in any given cycle.
Good luck!