Egg quality?!?!?


I just got back from my day 11 u/s and blood work – JUST 2 days ago I only had only 1 mature follicle at 15mm…well today I have 9 mature follicles that are measuring between 15-23mm.
I have 29 other follicles that are still growing but under 10mm.

They are waiting on my blood results to tell me if I trigger tonight or not…but I was wondering, is it bad or will it make my eggs poorer quality if had 9 eggs grow from UNDER 10mm to OVER 15mm-23mm in just 48 hours???


[FONT=‘Comic Sans MS’][SIZE=3]:clap: Sounds perfectly normal to me. They can grow 2 mm or more per day. Best wishes. [/SIZE][/FONT]