Egg retrieval immediate recovery time- that day


Hi- if all goes according to plan, I will have a retrieval sometime next week. However, I have a big meeting to give on Wednesday. I have the presentation written- I just need to be there to give it and answer questions. There is no getting around it. It is scheduled for 3pm. Do you think I’ll be ok to give the talk? I’m pretty tough- so I’m not worried about the pain- just whether the anesthesia might still cloud my head at 3pm. I’m assuming the retrieval happens some time in the morning.
Praying that the retrieval doesn’t fall on this date- but would love any feedback on how you felt the afternoon after your retrieval.


Depending on the number of follicles punctured, you could be in significant pain for 2-5 hours afterwards. I had 15 and 22 follicles in two of my cycles, and it would be next to impossible to go to a meeting afterwards. As in “they had to take me out on a wheelchair while I was holding my cries and grunts not to scare people in the waiting area” kind of impossible.


I agree with what Trans-Siberian said. For all of my retrievals (even one where I didn’t have that many eggs), I was a bit sore and very sleepy the rest of the day. I basically went home and slept the rest of the day. For me, it would have been next to impossible to give a speech that day. Good luck on your retrieval, though!!


I had 16 retrieved and when I woke up in the recovery I started crying because I was in so much pain. They gave me pain meds and I was a bit sore the rest of the day. I would not have been able to give a presentation on that day. Do you know how many follies you have at this point? I agree with the other posters. Good luck and hope the retrieval and presentation days are not one in the same.


Thank you so much for your honest responses. I’m really hoping then that the retrieval doesn’t fall on the dame day. But would I be so fortunate to even get to retrieval, I wouldn’t care. To heck with the meeting then if I have so many eggs that Im hurt. I don’t know how many follicles I have yet. Tomorrow morning, I go for my first u/s to look at the follicles (that night will be the 6th night of stims). I’m visualizing a large bouquet of equal sized, medium follicles :slight_smile: THANKS for all your responses and well wishes!!


Good Luck, Kaytee! I’m hoping you have a great bunch of follicles tomorrow! And that your ER and presentation are NOT on the same day.


When I had my retrieval, I was a bit tired and sore, but would have been able to give a presentation had I needed to. I can’t remember how many follicles I had, but had 36 eggs retrieved. I am a pretty tough girl, apparently. :slight_smile: Hopefully you won’t have to worry about it and they end up on different days.


I guess I got lucky. I felt fine after my retrieval (18 eggs). I went home and just kinda hung out on the couch but I could have gone to work after without a problem once all the anesthesia cleared up (maybe two hours or so).


Well it was probably all worrying for nothing. There were only 3 follicles at 11-13, and 2 at 8ish (they may or may not catch up).


Well, if you end up with ER, then here is what you can do. Decline general anesthesia. Before you gasp - it ain’t that bad, especially, with just 4-5 follicles. Yes, it will hurt, but the ER will be over in less than 5 minutes. Your pain during ER will be going up with each follicle punctured in step-wise manner, and it will be the highest at the end, staying this way for about an hour, and then gradually declining. This is why many wake up to a very painful tummy. My practice does not put you under, and for my first ER I took a narcotic shot, which gave me a monster headache and awful nausea, and it’s impact on the pain was rather marginal, so it was super painful, especially, right after the procedure. For my second, I just took two 500 mg acetaminophens. 15 pokes later I was actually in less pain than my first time around, and I was not fighting nausea, either. 2 hours later I was able to move around, and by the evening I was pretty much OK.


I think it depends on the person, the amount of eggs retrieved and the type of anesthesia used. Everyone is different. They only got three eggs out of me and I felt totally fine 2 hours later. I think without the anesthesia I probably would have been up and about earlier. I took one Tylenol 2 hours later after the pain medication they put in the IV wore off. I had a conversation with a very nice egg donor who told me that after her first retrieval she felt fine and after the second she felt like she got run over by a truck. So everyone is different and every time is different.


Like these ladies said, it depends on a lot of factors. I had 25 follicles drained, 17 eggs total, twilight anesthesia, and I left an hour after I woke up. Even when I first awoke, my pain level was nothing worse than moderate menstrual pain. I never needed to take Tylenol or anything afterwards. The girl who went in before me, however, was in a LOT of pain when she woke up. She was still there when I left. I did go home and took a good 2 hour nap, however.


Agree with what the previous posters have said. My clinic does not put you out for retrieval. I believe they use the same drug that Michael Jackson died from……it was absolutely amazing. I didn’t feel a thing and was feeling fantastic. The minute they turned it off, I was able to get up and walk out of there with no grogginess. That being said, I was dizzy on the way to the car (probably from not eating). And, after a few hours, was quite sore. For me, the second day was worse. Doc gave me no pain meds, but it wasn’t super ridiculous…just like I’d done a ton of sit-ups. You probably will feel like laying low, but mentally, I was very coherent after the procedure itself. Sounds like it won’t be an issue, but if those follies catch up, I hope it goes well for you!


I have had 2 ERs and felt completely different with both. The first, 7 eggs were retrieved and I was just sore for about a day after…like I had done way too many sit-ups. The second, 10 eggs were retrieved and I felt like my abdomen had been run over by a truck for about 3-4 days and had to take Vicodin basically around the clock. With BOTH I was EXTREMELY tired the day of ER and slept pretty much all day! For both I had conscious sedation.


Hey- just wanted to update you with my “pain report”! I had 6 retrieved and besides being a little groggy for about an hour- I felt almost no pain at all. I didn’t even nap that day when I got home. In truth- I probably would have been ok to go to that meeting- except my boss canceled it for me :slight_smile: yey! Thanks for sharing your experiences ladies!