Egg sharing for donor/ egg freezer?


Does anyone have any information about egg sharing? Specifically, sharing costs as well as eggs?

I am 33, healthy, good family history of fertility… however, I know I don’t want to be pregnant for at least another five to seven years.
I’m therefore strongly considering egg freezing, but it is 1) expensive, plus the storage costs, and 2) it seems a waste to harvest and freeze so many eggs. On the other hand, I’d like to get them now while they are likely to be in good shape!

In England, they have egg-sharing where one woman can donate some of her eggs, and then the recipient would pay for the donor’s IVF. I don’t want IVF now – I’m not ready to be pregnant – but it seems like a wonderful act of solidarity to have someone who needs eggs NOW help cover the costs of freezing the rest of the eggs harvested. The donor would still need to pay for thawing and IVF later, but at least the option would be there!

Does anyone know of anything like that, or how one would go about investigating such a thing? I’m at a total loss. Thanks!


egg donors are in very high demand almost in every country. You will find answers to yr questions in that section: www Hope you will find this guide helpful


Usually the treatment initiates according to the dates of the menses. The eggs come from families who previously wanted to donate or share their surplus embryos. In accordance with the system being adopted, embryos stored as frozen may also be used.

Fertilizing the egg can be performed with sperm from sperm donation, in case the male does not have any sperms, or with the husband sperm. More fertilized eggs or gametes can be implanted in the intended’s mother uterus but because of the high success rate of the IVF with donated eggs procedure, most fertility specialists analyze each case thoroughly to avoid triplets and quadruplets.

You can see a list of 17 egg donation clinics worldwide with affordable prices.
Hope this helps, lots of luck and health to all mommies to be!


Egg Cryopreservation, which is also known as Oocyte freezing is one of the global infertility treatments provided by the IVF centers. This treatment involves the freezing of eggs for future keeping the view of preserving your fertility. Egg freezing is quite a challenging process that includes the egg/eggs extraction, which are frozen and then stored. This process is done for the women who are facing with the infertility problems and are provided with this treatment. Egg Cryopreservation is a process that also helps the women who are not ready with the pregnancy and want to preserve their eggs for future pregnancy conceptions, so that when she is ready for the pregnancy shall be proceeded with the process where the frozen egg is being thawed, fertilized and then transferred as embryos to the uterus. A complete cycle of donor egg IVF costs US $ 8500 only (including payment for the egg donor). This includes all medications. this is totally depends on the county, clinic and doctors.


Embryo cryopreservation is a common, renowned fertility method that preserves eggs (also known as oocytes) for infertility procedures. Embryo cryopreservation is also preserving embryos in a frozen state for future use.

Couples who attempt infertility treatments often use the embryo cryopreservation. This mostly happens to those who have to undergo multiple cycles in order to achieve a pregnancy. Cryopreservation techniques are beneficial to patients undergoing medical treatments (like cancer treatments) that can affect and/or destroy their fertility potential, or couples who want to preserve their eggs/sperm for pregnancy in the near future.