Egg white cervical mucus 4 days before FET?!? HELP


PLEASE HELP! Im a little freaked out right now. Today is Saturday and we are scheduled for our 1st FET on Wednesday. I just started Progesterone shots last night, and this morning when i woke up i definitely had the egg white cervical mucus i ONLY get b4 ovulation (usually when i am on stimms, otherwise i almost never ovulate on my own).Our work up has been this… bcps for i cant remember how long, stop bcps. 2 days later started vivelle dot patches, 14 days later start progesterone shots. Today start medrol and doxy. Last night was my first shot and i woke up with fertile cm??? I am really hoping this is just because of the vivelle dot patches?? Also on two of my sonograms to check lining, we saw what the dr said was probably a few cysts in my ovaries, but they looked like big follicles 2 me?!? Im just scared because i am not on lupron or anything like that and ive read alot of are… Can i even ovulate on this stuff, or is this a natural reaction to the estrogen patches, any personal experience with this?!?


It is totally normal to get EWCM, or really any kind of increased CM during a cycle. No need to worry! :slight_smile: