Eight months and still no luck


I’m 21 years old and over all healthy. I exercise daily, eat well and I have cut out pretty much all alcohol and junk food from my life. I’m taking prenatal and vitex. I have an extremely regular period, and my husband and I take advantage of my ovulation days, but we still have been unable to get pregnant.

I had a miscarriage when I was 17, and had a d&c, followed by being on the depo shot until I was almost 19. I’ve been off birth control since then, but I’ve read that all these things can create problems while trying to conceive.

Can these things really be contributing to my inability to get pregnant or am I overly stressing out about them? I’d really like to try to get pregnant on my own before seeking the help of a doctor. Has anyone experienced these issues or know of anything that can aid us in getting pregnant?

I want this more than anything, and watching everyone around me get pregnant and have children is causing me so much pain. Please help.


I started trying to conceive at 21 also. I had an extremely regular period, it was every 28 days (exactly) I always ovulated on the 14th day. We timed sex by checking cervix, cervical mucus and basal temp. Again, ovulate was always on the 14th day. The only unusual thing was I had heavy periods with lots of clots. 2 years later, still no baby, so we knew something was wrong. We finally went to a fertility doctor after being referred by my ob/gyn. I’m 24 now, it’s going on 2 years and 8 months since we’ve been trying and finally figured out that the cause our infertility was due to me having uterine polyps and my husband having a low count so we can finally move forward with treatment.

I say all of this to say, if it hasn’t happened by a year, go to a doctor! There are several factors that can affect you. Just because you are young, doesn’t mean you’ll automatically get pregnant easily. Sometimes we need help. Don’t be afraid to get that help.

Baby dust!


At 21 they will pretty much tell you to try for a year (unless there is an issue that you know about). Your last sentence is the most telling. The first thing that I will say to you is to relax and don’t stress. Don’t worry about what is going on with everyone around you and focus on you and your DH. When my sister was in her 20s her and her DH were trying to conceive for a year. She did everything under the sun, no issues but she stressed about it every day and nothing happened. Then one day she just stopped stressing and decided not to worry about it 3 kids later, she is glad she stopped stressing. You can either wait until you have tried for a year or ask your OB/GYN to run some basic tests now. People are usually under the mistaken impression that because they are young and don’t have any known issues that getting pregnant should be a breeze. Sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t. Either way, don’t panic. Relax, keep trying for a few months, try not to make having a baby the total focus of your relationship because that may cause your DH to stress too. Enjoy the time you have with your DH, travel, go out to dinner, do fun things now because once you have kids that will be hard to do. :slight_smile: I will bet the minute you stop focusing on it so much you will end up pregnant.