elevated male hormones


Hi ladies,

So had my meeting today with RE, showed me my info etc, and that my natural cycle and ovulations was good. However my 3rd IUI on femara didnt do anything, so he said he will increase my femara and add injections, however he noticed that my male hormones were elevated.

He sent me for blood work for cortisol and hydro ( something). I dont get it did they see this beofre, and not mention it or what? I ovulated , and even without the femara and the femara my cycle was the same. So the femara was pointless.

he said if it is elevated in the blood work he will prescribe me [B]Dexamethasone.[/B]

[B]I read the symptoms and what this medications is used for, and I do not have missed periods, nor do I have facial hair and am not overweight.[/B]

[B]Anyone know what this means? [/B]

[B]this is what I found ""
Androgens are male hormones normally present in the milieu of female hormones. When androgen levels are abnormally high, it can lead to irregular or no ovulation and the expression of “male characteristics”.


While I don’t know much about this, I have heard of women having higher levels of male hormones yet still ovulating and having no other symptoms. I think usually when these levels are high, there are other things going on, such as cystic ovaries, excess body hair, acne, weight gain, etc. This usually results in PCOS. But, I don’t think every time male hormones are elevated it means that you have this. I have read that, even if you’re ovulating, having higher levels of male hormones can make it more difficult or take longer to conceive. I ovulate, too, and am not overweight or have cystic ovaries, but have often wondered if this may be the case with me. I don’t think they’ve ever tested my male hormones, though. Was this part of your work-up?


Hi there,

From what I read, and agree with you, I do not have any of those symptoms. All my blood work ( initial screning was great) and apparently this just showed up this month. All he said was that the male hormone was elevated. They took my blood for this and cortisol. However on day 3, they always do all the blood work, I assume it just happended now this month. Not sure, when they call me, I will let you know, and I will ask the proper questions. I do feel my AF coming soo, so even if I didn’t have a mature follcile, I must of ovulated, if Im gone get AF, or maybe you dont need to ovualte to get your AF. I am lost lol. I also read that if it is elevated it can intefere with th LH slighlty.

If it just happened, then obvisouly it was good before, yet I still did not conceive.??? He showed me all my charts, and I have been ovulating, have good numbers, and lots of follicles. However this month I did not have any mature, and that is why IUI was cancelled, so maybe I ovulate sometimes and not always. As soon as I know, I will let you know. Ask you RE if you can test for Androgens I research the drug that I mat have to take if its elevated. its called …
[SIZE=3][B]Dexamethasone,[/B][/SIZE] is often use as an adjunct to ovulation induction treatment, especially in patients with hirsutism who have high levels of androgens. It helps by suppressing the production of androgens by the adrenal glands. The dose is usually a 0.5 mg tablet, taken daily at bedtime. Side-effects at such a low dose are unusual. Some IVF clinics also use steroids after embryo transfer, because they believe this helps to improve pregnancy rates by inducing immune suppression and enhancing embryo implantation rates.


You can get a period without ovulation. Happens to me all the time. I have pcos but mine is atypical not classic so I don’t have any of the symptoms u were listing except irregular cycles but I don’t miss none they never want to go away. Pcos doesn’t always mean an increase in male hormones one look at your u/s would have told them if you have it so they ate probably just elevated this month nothing to worry about.


hey girls,

Yeah its so weird. I am gone ask them for a copy of all my blood work from the very first investigation cycle.

My periods are usually on time, maybe late by a few days. However like you said, they would of noticed.

Hmm wonder what happened. Will know soon :slight_smile:

big higs to eveyone



I am kind of similar to you. I had high testosterone (an androgen) and high insulin on my bloodwork, but not horribly high, just above the normal. I’ve always had consistent periods. I was having bad menstrual migraines, vaginal dryness, and short luteal phases. Based on this and the bloodwork I got diagnosed with PCOS. I’m on Metformin to treat that. PCOS seems quite varied, it means different things in different women. I don’t have the facial hair or weight problems that you hear about PCOS ladies typically experiencing. Anyway, best of luck, I’m not sure if you fall into the PCOS category or not, but if you do, comparing your symptoms to everyone else is hard, because there are a lot of us with atypical PCOS.


hey ladies,

So nurse called today and said the blood work for the male hormones came back fine. We are still waiting for the cortisol though.

However she said the doctor would like to increase my femara to 2x a day and add demathesone. Has anyone done this combo?

She is it seems like my LH surge goes up and day.



femara & dexamethsone???

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

So my blood work came back fine, as the doctor wanted me to do additional blood work, for cortisol and male hormones. As my 3rd IUI was cancelled and follicles didn’t grow. My 2 IUIs with femara 2.5mg only gave me 1 mature follcile both times @ 2.2.

I was told my my E2 hormone is elevated sometimes, and as such this cyce he wants me to take femara 5mg and dexamethsone?

Has anyone had this combo and what is this?

I do not have PCOS as I read thats what its for,and I do not have symptoms like PCOS.
Any info and why is my E2 some cycles elevated, he thinks this is the problem.